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  • Men! Dating tips to find the perfect partner..
  • 6 Rules for Dating Over 50
  • 6 Rules for Dating Over 50
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    3 simple steps to start over 50 dating

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    6 Rules for Dating Over 50

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    Men! Dating tips to find the perfect partner..

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    6 Rules for Dating Over 50

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    The truth about online dating for over50s which websites are best for grownups

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    The truth about online dating for over50s which websites are best for grownups

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    At an earlier age, provided there are no known medical conditions, a screening every two to three years may be adequate.

    Not every year-old receives an annual physical, and when they do, they often receive more testing than needed. It is important, therefore, that everyone know what should and should not be included in the examination. An annual physical includes a careful history and physical examination during which any problems and complaints are documented, as is a history of hospitalizations, surgeries, allergies, medical conditions and medications taken.

    6 Rules for Dating Over 50

    A family history is needed to determine if there is an increased risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes or Alzheimer's, as well as a sociological assessment marriage, education, religious preferences, habits. The examination seeks to gauge high blood pressure and heart, lung, abdominal, vascular and neurological health. An assessment of mood is important and if older, a screening test for memory loss may be done.

    Calculating the body mass index identifies obesity. There are many BMI calculators online.

    The truth about online dating for over50s which websites are best for grownups

    A value above 30 is considered obese. No examination is complete without counseling on how to stay healthy and manage obesity. A referral to smoking cessation programs can also be recommended, if needed.

    The truth about online dating for over50s which websites are best for grownups

    Perhaps the most confusing and over-utilized portion of the annual physical is the screening tests needed to exclude or prevent disease. Its approach is based on a meticulous analysis of all available scientific information by a panel of experts in public health. To prevent heart disease, high blood pressure is measured two to three times annually and cholesterol levels in the blood should be evaluated every two to three years after age Some experts suggest that elevated cholesterol should be excluded for the first time as early as age Blood pressure can be measured at home or at a drugstore.

    Electrocardiograms, stress tests or CT scans of the heart should not be done solely as screening tests in healthy individuals. Blood tests are obtained to evaluate liver, kidney and thyroid function and to exclude anemia. Unless a medical condition warrants it, there is no need to perform screening tests every year. The preventive task force only recommends screening for diabetes in healthy patients with elevated blood pressure.

    However, most other groups suggest that screening should be obtained every years in obese individuals or those with a family history of diabetes.

    Most contentious are recommendations for cancer screening. The task force recommends mammograms every two years for women in the age group. Mammograms should be done annually for women 40 to 50, only if there is significant increased risk.

    A routine pap smear to screen for the human papillomavirus and cervical cancer should be done every three years in sexually active women up to age The task force states that screening for ovarian or bladder cancer is of no proven value.

    For men and women, a colonoscopy should be done at age 50 and every five years thereafter until age 75, and screening the stool for microscopic amounts of blood should be done annually. Of all the screening tests available, those to identify colorectal cancer are the most effective.

    Recently, the task force recommended against the PSA prostate-specific antigen blood test to screen for prostate cancer in healthy men of any age. Like the mammogram, this remains contentious with many experts recommending that prudent use of this test continue. As part of the annual physical examination, vaccinations must be reviewed.

    Today, teenage boys and girls should receive the vaccine for the human papillomavirus to decrease the risk of cervical and penile cancer. Everyone over age 50 should be vaccinated against shingles and over age 65 the pneumococcal vaccination should be given. Flu vaccination is required annually. Strive to be as educated as possible about what it takes to stay healthy and prevent disease.

    Join Free & Meet Other Over 50s Today

    Go into the doctor's office armed with information so that you are able to ask the necessary questions to get the best care possible. David Lipschitz is the author of the book "Breaking the Rules of Aging. David Lipschitz and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at www.

    More information is available at:
    Read the blog Break loneliness with senior online dating When you are over 50 and single, whether this is because you went through a divorce, a separation, or experienced the pain of losing your spouse, you may feel like you will never find love again. However, the truth is that you still have so many wonderful years ahead of you and so many incredible experiences to live. Also and very importantly there is no set age at which to find love!

    Regardless of your situation, you can finally put an end to those feelings of loneliness and start your search for other mature, single, UK-based men or women.

    A large percentage of people over 50 find love in their senior years.

    Sex in your 50s

    Some even marry again in their fifties, their sixties or beyond! Of course, we fully understand that getting back into the dating scene can seem daunting, especially after years of being in a steady relationship. Therefore, why not just like many other singles of your generation start searching for potential dates on a free senior dating site? Online, not only can you find men and women of your age, but you can also find someone who shares the same interests. Thanks to online dating, you can put an end to your loneliness and meet mature men and women looking for a companion, just like you.

    Make new friends online When everyone around you is busy with their lives and families and the children are all grown up, life can feel a little lonely. On top of that, meeting new people and creating friendships can seem complicated. Fortunately, dating websites are not only about finding love. Via our platform, you can find someone with whom to talk, hang out and have fun. There is almost certainly someone out there who shares the same interests and hobbies as you.

    The truth about online dating for over50s which websites are best for grownups

    Find love and friends online: One of the best ways to meet people today is to register with a dating website dedicated to seniors. On the site, you can filter and narrow down results by gender, location, age or interests.

    Through the forums and chat, you can spark up a conversation with other members and even ask questions about dating and how to make friends. You can also find useful dating advice on the blog and in the guides. Registering with a dating site to find love or friends is one of the best decisions you can make to put an end to those feelings of loneliness. There are many men and women out there who are looking for a partner or just a good friend. Say farewell to those long, dull days spent alone and start your search on 2seniors.

    Over 50 and looking for love, friends?

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