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    Thanks for the Memories The wonderful world of Watt Brothers in Glasgow Evening Times

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    History[ edit ] Stone and Bronze Age flint axes have been discovered embedded in coal, showing that it was mined in Britain before the Roman invasion. Early miners first extracted coal already exposed on the surface and then followed the seams underground. Evidence to support these theories comes mostly from ash discovered at excavations of Roman sites.

    At this time coal was referred to as sea cole, a reference to coal washed ashore on the north east coast of England from either the cliffs or undersea outcrops.

    As the supply of coal on the surface became used up, settlers followed the seam inland by digging up the shore. Generally the seam continued underground, encouraging the settlers to dig to find coal, the precursor to modern operations. Coal mining employment in the UK, DECC data Coal production increased dramatically in the 19th century as the Industrial Revolution gathered pace, as a fuel for steam engines such as the Newcomen engineand later, the Watt steam engine.

    To produce firewood in the s equivalent in energy terms to domestic consumption of coal would have required 25 million acres of land per year, nearly the entire farmland area of England 26 m. The development of the steam locomotive by Trevithick early in the 19th century gave added impetus, and coal consumption grew rapidly as the railway network expanded through the Victorian period.

    Coal was widely used for domestic heating owing to its low cost and widespread availability. The manufacture of coal also provided coal gaswhich could be used for heating and lighting. Most of the workers were children and men.

    ECRIN in Numbers

    Wales UK coal production peaked in at million tonnes. Ninety-five per cent of this came from roughly 1, deep-mines that were operational at the time, with the rest from around 92 surface mines. In the s and s, around a hundred North East coal mines were closed. In earlythe Conservative government of Margaret Thatcher announced plans to close 20 coal pits which led to the year-long miners' strike which ended in March The strike was unsuccessful in stopping the closures and led to an end to the closed shop in British Coalas the breakaway Union of Democratic Mineworkers was formed by miners who objected to the NUM's handling of the strike.

    This coincided with initiatives for cleaner energy generation as power stations switched to gas and biomass. A total of million tons was produced inbut by the amount was around 50 million tons.

    The mine was closed by British Coal in the privatisation of the industry fourteen years earlier and re-opened after being bought by the miners who had worked at the pit.

    Incoal imported was three times more than the coal mined in Britain, despite large resources in the country. The commodity is also used for fertiliserschemicals, plasticsmedicines and road surfaces.

    Thanks for the Memories: The wonderful world of Watt Brothers in Glasgow

    Hatfield Colliery closed in Juneas did Thoresby, and in DecemberKellingley, bringing to an end deep coal mining in the UK. On 20 December, thousands of people turned out for a march in Yorkshire to mark the occasion. The march began in Knottingley and finished with a rally and party at Kellingley Miners Welfare club. Oil and gas reserves are predicted to run out long before coal, [32] so gas could be produced from coal by gasification.
    Mit einer Energieabstrahlung, die pro Sekunde das Ein Hauptreihenstern wie die Sonne setzt damit pro Sekunde mehr Energie frei als alle im Jahr vorhandenen Kernkraftwerke der Erde in Wenn die chromatische Adaption des Auges auf die insgesamt wahrgenommene Strahlung eingestellt ist die dann, wenn sie — z.

    Damit setzt sich das Material selbst unter Druck: Im Zentrum liegt er bei Milliarden bar. Da die Temperatur dort mit 15,6 Mio. Es ist nicht direkt die Dichte, die den Gegendruck bewirkt, sondern die Teilchenkonzentration, im Zentrum fast Die Energie der anderen Reaktionsprodukte thermalisiert am Ort der Entstehung.

    Dies definiert die Grenze der sogenannten Strahlungszone. Dies ist das Brodeln, das mit einem Teleskop als Granulation erkennbar ist. Der in diesem Bereich intensivere Impulstransport macht sich im radialen Verlauf der Rotationsrate bemerkbar. Die Strahlen verlaufen nach allen Seiten.

    Die Spektrallinien der Korona konnten anfangs nicht identifiziert werden, da sie bei irdischen Bedingungen nicht auftreten. Sonnenwind Eruptive Protuberanz im H-alpha -Licht. Dort gleicht sie sich an die der nahezu starr rotierenden Strahlungszone an.

    Entsprechend steil sind dort die Gradienten der Winkelgeschwindigkeit. Die Lage und Dicke der Tachocline, die dortige Entstehung des Magnetfelds der Sonne und der Verlauf der differenziellen Rotation innerhalb der Konvektionszone sind theoretisch noch nicht verstanden. Sie wird abgebaut, indem alle 11 Jahre eine Umpolung stattfindet. Schwingungen Schwingungsspektrum der Sonne. Die horizontale Achse ist in m Hz. Mit spektroskopischen Methoden kann man diese Schwingungen sichtbar machen: Die Geschwindigkeitsamplituden der Schwingungen liegen allerdings bei maximal einigen Metern pro Sekunde, was bei den arg Doppler-verbreiterten Spektrallinien nicht leicht nachzuweisen ist.

    Beobachtet und analysiert werden die Eigenschwingungen der Sonne von der Helioseismologie.


    Mit freiem Auge kann die Sonne lediglich bei dunstigem Himmel, kurz nach Sonnenaufgang oder kurz vor Sonnenuntergang betrachtet werden. Diese Abbildung der Sonne kann gefahrlos betrachtet werden. Dieses Verfahren nennt man Okularprojektion. Dieses funktioniert aber nur an einem Refraktor. Dabei werden Sonnenflecken, Flares und die Granulation sichtbar.

    About the event

    Um Protuberanzen zu beobachten, bedarf es besonderer Bauteile oder Teleskope. Die am Sonnenrand aufsteigenden Protuberanzen werden durch einen sogenannten H-alpha-Filter beobachtet.
    After copies were pressed onto the paper, the paper entered the cabinet under the copier, where it dried on a large roller. An attachment was used to cut dried copies off the roll.

    Numerous companies produced roller copiers over a period of three decades. For example, Plate 11B shows a Rapid Duplicator that was advertised in Copies could be made more quickly with a roller copier than with a letter copying press. It was claimed that nearly papers could be copied in two minutes with a roller copier.

    Roller copiers also competed with carbon paper. It was claimed that a roller copier could make a half dozen copies of a typewritten letter if the letter was run through the copier several times. It could make a dozen copies if the letter was written with a pen and good copying ink.

    Referring to roller copiers, Chas. Sweetland,Anti-Confusion Business Methods,p. Rapid Roller Copier Plate 11B3. This machine was similar to roller copiers but copied onto loose-leaf paper. The Cylinder Letter Press Co. Although polygraphs in the 17th century, polygraphs did not became popular until Jefferson used a polygraph for the rest of his life. However, polygraphs were not practical for most office purposes and were never widely used in businesses. One problem was their "inherent instability, and constant need for repair and adjustment.

    For additional photographs of Jefferson's polygraphs, click on the following two links to the Library of Congress 12. Wedgwood Patent Manifold Writer and similar systems that were sold from until around the end of the 19th century enabled users to retain a copy of outgoing letters made with this carbon paper. The original Wedgwood system used manifolds consisting of a sheet of transparent paper followed by a sheet of ordinary writing paper.

    To write a letter and make a carbon copy simultaneously, the user would insert a sheet of double-sided carbon paper between the transparent sheet and the writing paper. When the user wrote with an ivory, steel, or agate-tipped stylus like that in Plate 13 on the transparent paper, he would produce an outgoing letter on the ordinary paper under the carbon.

    He would also produce a copy in reverse on the back of the transparent sheet. Because the sheet was transparent, the copy could be read from the front.

    Plate 13A shows a stylus lying on a manifold copying book with detachable letter pages. Davison, Alnwick, England, advertised "letter writers," which may have been manifold writers, c.

    Mark Twain wrote some of his stories on Manifold Writers in the early s. During the s, advertisements for Wedgwood Patent Manifold Writers claimed that they could be used to make up to ten copies, but most of the manifold books were designed to make one copy that could be sent and one that would be retained.

    Nevertheless, use of carbon paper was modest until the s. Early carbon paper was messy, carbon paper did not make a satisfactory copy when the original was written with a pen, there was concern that carbon copies could be altered or forged, and carbon copies were not admissible in court.

    Carbon paper became more important after the late s because of the introduction of the typewriter and greaseless carbon paper.

    Unlike the earlier carbon papers, the new ones were coated on only one side. Typewriters were able to produce up to ten carbon copies along with an original. Hagley Museum and Library. Yates reports that in a government report stated that "by the almost universal practice of business concerns, the carbon copy has supplanted the press copy as a record of outgoing correspondence.


    Machines Used to Make Many Duplicates Printing Presses Neither letter copying presses nor carbon paper could be used to make numerous copies of a document.

    Until the mids, offices had two options for making many copies. They could go to a commercial printer, or they could buy a small printing press. In the 19th century, commercial printers used platen presses for job work such as business cards, envelopes, billheads, and circulars. The online Briar Press reports that small table top printing presses were made in the US as early as the s.

    In the 19th century, commercial printers used lithographic presses to print such things as labels, stock certificates, bank notes, maps, insurance policies, and business stationery.

    The image is created on the stone using a greasy crayon, or alternatively is created on a sheet of paper using greasy lithographic ink and then transferred to the stone. Next, printers ink is applied to the stone. This ink adheres only to the crayon or lithographic ink. The stone is then covered with a sheet of paper, and the stone and paper are run through a press to make a lithograph.

    In England, small lithographic presses were marketed to offices in the s. One example that was exhibited in is the S.


    Combined Lithographic and Copying Press Plate To use this as a lithographic press, it was necessary to transfer a document image to a smooth limestone block. Lowe of Philadelphia patented a small printing press with a conical roller in ; a Lowe press dating from is pictured at the online Briar Press. William Tuttle and Benjamin O. Woods produced small lever presses in Boston, MA, by A lever press is a table-top hand-operated version of the larger foot-operated platen press used by commercial printers.

    Woods advertised small Novelty printing presses in and exhibited them at the Centennial Exhibition in The online Briar Press Museum has photographs of early Kelsey presses 1234.

    To the left is an illustration of a Kelsey Excelsior printing press from a broadside distributed at the Centennial Exhibition in Plate 14A shows a later Excelsior.

    Small lever presses were sold in a wide range of sizes by numerous companies. Lever presses that printed items measuring 1. Plate 14B shows a lever press intended for use in printing small items such as business cards.

    An report describes a technology developed by Eugeio de Zuccato, an Italian in London. To the bed and upper plate of an ordinary copying-press were attached wires leading from a small battery. The letters having thus been formed in bare metal, a few sheets of copying paper are impregnated with an acid solution of prussiate of potash, and placed upon the scratched plate, which is then subjected to pressure in the copying-press. An electric current passes wherever the metal has been left bare where the writing is, thereforeand the prussiate solution acting upon the iron, there is found prussiate of iron or Prussian blue characters corresponding to those scratched upon the plate.

    The number of copies that may be produced by this electro-chemical action is almost unlimited, and the formation of the Prussian blue lines is, of course, instantaneous. Add image from Scientific American May 25, Papyrograph InZuccato obtained a US patent for the first commercially successful stencil copying process for use in offices. His Papyrograph process began with a sheet of lacquer-coated stencil paper that could not be penetrated by liquid. By writing on this stencil with corrosive ink, a clerk made the affected parts of the stencil porous so that liquid would pass through.

    An improved version of the Papyrograph system that was patented in and marketed by by the Papyrograph Co. The operator placed this sliding frame so that half covered the printing surface of a letter copying press and the other half was next to the press. The operator then placed an inked pad on the half of the sliding frame that was next to the press, placed a prepared stencil face down on the inked pad, and covered the stencil with a sheet of paper.

    The operator then slid this "sandwich" inside the copying press and lowered the press to make a copy. The manufacturer claimed that "By this process from to facsimile impressions can be taken upon Dry and Unprepared Paper, direct from the original writing, in an ordinary Letter-Copying Press.

    Although advertisements claimed an operator could make copies per hour, the method was slow and messy. Also, the stencils could not be prepared with a typewriter. Nevertheless, the Papyrograph was advertised as late aswith the claim that "Thousands are now in use in the United States and foreign countries.

    The operator would hold a special pen Plate 15 in a vertical position and write or draw on a stencil resting on a sheet of blotting paper. The top portion was a small uncovered electric motor attached by flexible wires to a nearby two-cup wet battery containing water and sulfuric acid Plate The pen made approximately perforations a second.

    A felt-covered roller was used to press ink through the perforations in the stencil to the surface of the sheet below. The patent describes a simple hand press consisting of a flat bed with a hinged frame to which the stencil was attached. Presses are shown in Plates A contemporary account stated that copies could be produced at the rate of 4 to 5 per minute, and that a stencil could be used to produce copies.

    Faster printing presses were patented by others. According to an account, "Henry S. Norse has patented an improved duplicating press. The object of this invention is to furnish a foot or power press for use in printing from stencil plates, particularly stencils prepared with the Edison electric pen, so that the labor and time heretofore required in such work shall be reduced.

    It was exhibited at the International Exhibition in Philadelphia. However, sales were constrained by the fact that many office clerks did not have the skill or motivation to maintain the complicated battery.

    Thanks for the Memories The wonderful world of Watt Brothers in Glasgow Evening Times

    A battery was necessary because central electric power systems were not introduced until the s. Late inEdison licensed his copying system to the Western Electric Co.


    Byhowever, sales were in decline because of the development of competing technologies, including the Trypograph, Cyclostyle and Hektograph. There were, however, some people who preferred the Edison system. According to an testimonial, "It may be of interest for one who has used the papyrograph and the hektograph, but with no great satisfaction, to state that every other system always drives me back to Edison's electric pen as the neatest, readiest, and in every way the most satisfactory copying system.

    An experience of eight years with it has always been very satisfactory. According to one contemporary account, "a pulsating pen, driven by the foot like a sewing machine, rivals the Edison electric pen. It is certainly lighter to write with, and requires no battery, with its acids, to spoil clothing.

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