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  • Hottest Dating Spots in Toronto - Single in the City
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  • Hottest Dating Spots in Toronto - Single in the City
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  • Hottest Dating Spots in Toronto - Single in the City

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    Hottest Dating Spots in Toronto - Single in the City

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    Researchgate page Current Lab Members and Current Projects Jillian Bieser is a PhD student working on harvest impacts on soil greenhouse gas fluxes in boreal forests, and the potential use of biochars for mitigation.

    Susan Frye is a PhD student working on the biology of bees in Ontario forests and effects of honeybee introduction on native bees in forest ecosystems. Nigel Gale is a PhD student working on plant growth and physiological responses to biochar in the context of ecological resotration. Abdul Halim is a PhD student working on climate feedbacks involved with boreal forest disturbance, including radiation balance and soil greenhouse gas flux.

    Katerina Kostyukova co-supervised, Jay Malcolm is a PhD student working on the spatial ecology and habitat preferences of small mammals in Central Ontario. Janani Sivarajah co-suprevised, Sandy Smith is a PhD student working on the comparative ecology of UV penetratration through tree leaves and canopies in the context of urban forestry. Juliana Vantellingen is a PhD student working on variation in soil greenhouse gas fluxes in relation to tree species and ontogeny.

    The short answer is YES, I am seeking highly motivated, knowledgeable, clever, and hard-working graduate students interested in forest ecology and ecophysiology. Support for graduate studies is available on a competitive basis for both international and Canadian students though more opportunities exist for the latter.

    In order to be competitive for admission and financial support you will need to present very strong academic credentials.

    Toronto dating meet single men and women in the GTA EliteSingles

    A good match with a potential graduate advisor is also critical. My main areas of research interest include applied forest ecology and silviculture, comparative ecology and ecophysiology of trees, forest canopy biology; ecological aspects of global environmental change, and tropical forests. The following topics are planned as the main focus of research in my lab over the next years: Research is planned to examine biochar use for environmental remediation of contaminated soils and in urban forestry.

    Specific projects under development will examine biochar use on mine tailings, biochar use in industrial brownfields, and biochar to mitigate salt effects on urban tree plantings.

    Spatial ecology of temperate forest systems, and tropical-temperate comparative studies. The main motivations for the project are to understand the role of aquatic-terrestrial margins on forest diversity and dynamics, to examine relationships between soil factors and tree distributions and growth patterns, and as basis for parameterization and testing of individual-based forest simulation models.

    We are also specifically examining spatial variation in soil methane flux. The plot has been established in collaboration with the Center for Tropical Forest Science, and will also form the basis for planned large-scale comparative studies of temperate vs.

    Age-related changes in tree functional biology as a driver of belowground and soil processes. Planned experiments will involve measurements of litter decomposition, soil CO2 and methane flux, autotrophic respiration, and fine root dynamics in the rooting zone of trees of varying ages, and will make use of large-scale mapped forest plots in Northern Hardwood forests of central Ontario.

    Leaf optics and remote sensing of tree ageing and ecosystem processes.

    Hottest Dating Spots in Toronto - Single in the City

    Planned experiments will involve measurements and analysis of leaf- and canopy-level spectral reflectance and transmittance patterns, and how these vary with tree ontogeny. In addition, the project may involve use of high-resolution LiDAR Light Detection and Ranging data as a means of detecting age-related changes in canopy architecture.

    Some of the instruments and techniques used in the lab include: Leaf and whole-plant gas exchange Licor Li system. Leaf and canopy optical analysis Ocean Optics and other systems. Chlorophyll fluorescence Walz miniPAM.

    What can I do to resolve this?

    Soil and woody tissue respiration Li with soil chamber. Soil and woody tissue methane flux Los Gatos ultraportable GHG system Mobile canopy lift for canopy access and experimentation.

    Canopy meteorological tower with meteorological instrumentation and eddy flux systems for energy, CO2, and methane flux. Hemispherical photograph analysis digital cameras with fisheye lens; WinScanopy and other software.

    Tree mapping and measurement equipment Lasertech system, Nikon total station. Higher-level statistical software for analysis of large datasets e.

    Hottest Dating Spots in Toronto - Single in the City

    Phylogeny-based comparative analysis techniques. Empirical modeling of spatial interactions using maximal likelihood methods. Use of individual-based, spatially explicit forest simulation models. If you think that I would be a good match as a prospective advisor, I will need to evaluate your background and prior work more carefully.

    What I specifically would need from you is: Lab Alumni Post-doctoral fellows: Dan Bebber PhD Oxford, worked in the lab as a post-doc examining responses of white pine to partial stand harvests in the Algoma region of Ontario. Dan is the head of climate change research for the Earthwatch Institute, UK. Michael Drescher PhD Univ Wageningen, worked as a post-doc on the Haliburton Forest mega-plot project, examining tree senescence effects on forest dynamics and the spatial dynamics of natural enemy effects.

    He is currently a faculty member at Waterloo University webpage. Mike is interested in spatial processes and analysis of forest communities, and the application of theoretical ecology to applied problems in forestry. He currently teaches at University of New Mexico.

    Jennifer Baltzer PhD, studied physiological aspects of soil habitat preferences in tropical and temperate trees. Tomasz Gradowski PhD, examined responses of canopy trees and understory vegetation to additions of non-nitrogenous nutrient additions at Haliburton forest, documenting pronounced phosphorus limitation in this system.

    Tomasz works in environmental consulting in British Columbia. Trevor Jones PhD, investigated growth and physiological responses of trees to selection management harvests in tolerant hardwood forests in Ontario.

    Why have I been blocked?

    Jean-Remy is currently a forestry specialist for central Africa employed by the Wildlife Conservation Society, and holds an academic appointment with the University of Kisangani, Dem.

    Liz Nelson PhD worked on dendrochronological to quantifying effects of anthropogenic climate change on boreal forest growth. She is employed as a science policy analyst for the Canadian Forest Service. Rajit Patankar PhD ; co-supervised, Sandy Smith worked on interactions between canopy-dwelling mites and tree gas-exchange and growth dynamics. He is currently teaching at University of Toronto and in the market for a post-doctoral position.

    Yuan-Ying Peng PhD, examined the responses of soil carbon flux to silvicultural interventions, including partial stand harvests and soil amendments.

    Meeting Toronto singles who suit you

    Hilary Thorpe PhD ; co-supervised, John Caspersen documented and modeled responses of black spruce ecosystems to partial harvests in the Lake Abitibi Model Forest in northern Ontario. Mike works as forest management and renewal coordinator for the Saskatchewn Forest Centre.

    Hottest Dating Spots in Toronto - Single in the City

    Nat Iwanycki MFC, examined responses of the understory vegetation community to selection harvests at Haliburton Forest in central Ontario, and established the first round of permanent sample plots at Haliburton. Nat works as staff terrestrial ecologist for the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority. Bea Lucas MFC, examined performance of hybrid poplar in mixed vs. Bea is on the staff othe Mediterranean regional office of the European Forest Institute in Barcelona, Spain, where she works on wood product chain assessment.

    Toronto dating meet single men and women in the GTA EliteSingles

    Greg Malczewski MFC, worked on patterns tree growth and potential carbon sequestration of native species in north-east China. Erin Mycroft MScF worked on polypore fungi as agents of tree decline in nothern hardwood forests, and developed molecular methods for characterizing polypore fungal communities in live woody tissue. Tyler Peet MFC, worked on developing statistical predictors of tree age and recent growth based on gross morphology of sugar maple. Megan Saprunoff co-supervised, John Caspersen; MSc, studied the light requirements of tree species in the Changbaishan reserve in north-east China.

    Jennifer Shuter MFC, examined responses of coarse woody debris and the polypore fungi community to selection harvests at Haliburton Forest in central Ontario. Jennifer is completing a PhD in conservation biology at Guelph University. Fraser Smith MScF ; co-supervised, John Caspersen did a project on mortality following structural retention harvesting at the farthest north extension of operational forestry in Canada, in the Yukon Territory.

    Fraser currently works as an arborist, environmental consultant, and contractor. MFC, examined the effects of forest roads on forest structure and tree species composition at Haliburton Forest. Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve, Ltd. Most of the forest is sugar-maple-dominated hardwoods that are managed under selection-system silviculture that maintains continuous canopy cover.

    Scientific infrastructure at the site includes a permanent field camp with housing for researchers on our own small lake! Projects presently underway or planned for Haliburton Forest include: Thomas Soil surface CO2 efflux in an uneven-aged northern hardwood forest: Plant and Soil Thomas Phosphorus limitation of sugar maple growth in central Ontario.

    Paciorekand S. Thomas Impacts of nest construction by native pigs Sus scrofa on lowland Malaysian rain forest saplings. Forest diversity and dynamism: Thomas Resprouting of woody saplings following stem snap by wild pigs in a Malaysian rain forest.

    Journal of Ecology It is also home to host of organisms found nowhere else, including the okapi and the owl-faced monkey, and home as well to one of only two large-scale mapped forest plot projects in Africa. Thomas Impacts of selective logging and forest clearing on timber tree regeneration, forest structure and floristic composition in the Ituri Forest, Democratic Republic of Congo. Biodiversity and Conservation Thomas Effects of light-gaps and litter removal on seedling performance in six African timber tree species.

    Thomas Dispersal limits natural recruitment of African mahoganies. However, students have worked in wide variety of field sites, and we have well-developed relationships with research groups and research stations at a number of locations. In particular, prior field work has included projects at the following sites:

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