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  • How I hacked online dating

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    Wales Dating Site, Free Online Dating in Wales, WA

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    How I hacked online dating

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    Tweet Below is a list and description of the most recent genealogy records for England and Wales see list of most recent records for other countries.

    How I hacked online dating

    Many of these records can be searched using our free Genealogy Search Engine. It is packed with useful information for anyone tracing their English ancestors. Included with this release are the national directory which covers the entire country and the South Wales directory. Previously, TheGenealogist had also released the national directory.

    In the early days of the telephone, the only people who could afford them tended to be wealthy individuals, doctors and merchants who needed them for their business.

    However, by the time of the release of the South Wales directory, telephone use had spread to some middle class households. Access to this collection is by subscription. Please note when looking at old telephone directories such as this that the region listed in bold as part of each listing is the telephone exchange region, which is similar to but not necessarily the same as the town or district region. Some of the latest additions include 6, birth records from Radcliffe to 5, burial records from Elton to and 4, birth records for Trafford.

    In total, the website has 9. These are records of both prisoners and prison officers. The 13, records in this collection span the years from to The records come from a variety of sources including prisoner registers, calendars of prisoners and registers of prison officers. For prisoners, the records usually list the name of the prisoner, details on their offense, their sentence and a physical description of the prisoner.

    For prison officers, it usually lists the name of the officer, rank, where they worked and their salary. If you know of new online genealogy records that we may have missed then please send us an email at letusknow genealogyintime.

    Please include a link to the new records in your email. May Lancashire — FamilySearch. Oldham is now part of greater Manchester and this collection covers the following cemeteries: In total, there are somerecords in this collection, which spans the years from to A typical record lists the name of the deceased, age, date and place where death occurred, date and place of burial and the grave number. The records can be searched by first name and last name. Oldham Council also maintains a website of cemetery and crematorium records, which can be accessed here.

    Wales Dating Site, Free Online Dating in Wales, WA

    Westminster — FindMyPast has put online new marriage and burial records from Westminster. In total somenew marriage records andburial records have been added this month.

    The burial records can be searched by first name, last name, burial year and burial place. Access is by subscription. This was the largest naval battle of World War I. It occurred in the North Sea on 31 May and 1 June The battle involved roughly ships andmen from both the British and German sides. Britain lost over 6, men in the battle. There are various different types of records in this collection.

    The original document is also included with most records. The records can be searched by first name, last name, year of birth and service number.

    Included in this update are baptism, marriage and burial records. The website now contains someDorset baptism records, somemarriage records and someburial records.

    The latest update includes more articles from some of the larger cities, such as the Birmingham Daily Gazette, the Sheffield Independent and the Newcastle Evening Chronicle. The newspapers can be searched by first name, last name and keyword.

    In addition, it is possible to filter the search results by newspaper title and date range. This collection of somerecords spans the years from to The information contained in each record varies depending on the time period, but in general includes such information as the full name, years of service, year joined the navy, service number, home parish, date of death, name of next of kin and pension details.

    These records can be searched by first name, last name. These are primarily baptism, marriage and burial records. This brings their collection of Essex parish records to some 2. The records span the years from to After 21 years, the website is working towards improving the user experience with new stylized pages making it easier for users to find their ancestors.

    Details can be found on the Genuki news page. March National — FindMyPast has added an additionalrecords to their collection of national school admission registers. The records come from multiple archives covering various parts of the country. This collection spans the years from to and contains such things as school admission records, log books which usually record attendanceschool visitor lists and other lists associated with the daily activities of a school. These records can be very valuable in providing useful background information beyond the school record, of course.

    This collection can be searched by first name, last name, year, town and school name. In total, these records will encompass seven cemeteries. The records go back as far as These are British military personnel held in German prisoner of war camps from to The records provide such information as name, service number and regiment.

    Accessibility links

    The two new cemeteries are Stapenhill and Rolleston. The records date from to February National — FamilySearch. The data was provided by FindMyPast as part of the data exchange agreement between the two entities. It is not clear what percentage of the records from this census has gone online at FamilySearch. It was taken on 7 April Please note that records from this census are missing from the following regions: Only people who were home on the night of this census are listed in the forms.

    So if you had a relative that was in the navy, merchant marine, army or had any job that required them to travel or work in the evening then they may not be listed in this census. These records can be searched by first name, last name, gender, place and relationship to the head of the household.

    This provides a complement to performing name searches for those who may have trouble finding their ancestors but know roughly where they lived. Just a reminder that the Register is now included with the month subscription package at FindMyPast. Apparently, this is an eclectic mix of documents from parish chests of Plymouth and West Devon. This includes such things as the levying of taxes, the selection of juries and even pew rentals within a given church.

    Just to be clear, these are not baptism, marriage or burial records. At one time, Anglican churches in England performed many duties that today would be associated with the government such as collecting taxes for the crown, maintaining local roads, etc.

    The records were usually kept in a locked chest at the local parish church, thus the name parish chest records. There are aboutrecords in this collection. Each record includes a transcript and an image of the original parish record. The latest addition includes 26 brand new titles, of which 19 are from Wales. If you are looking for a particular newspaper, use the By Newspaper filter to bring up all the titles. Alternatively, you can search by place and county.

    These records are essentially index cards that the Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen used between the two wars to track merchant seamen who served on British merchant vessels. The typical record lists the name, year of birth, place of birth and rank of the seaman. Sometimes additional information is given, such as a physical description and address of next of kin.

    Some even contain the signature of the seaman.

    How I hacked online dating

    The records can be searched by first name, last name, year of birth and birth country. In total, there are 1. The records seem to go back as far as years ago. Each record consists of a transcript plus an image of the original record.

    Wales Dating Site, Free Online Dating in Wales, WA

    The records can be searched by first name, last name, date range and parish. Bad news - FindMyPast is also increasing the price of new month subscriptions soon 30th January.

    Other Wales Cities:

    The latest update includesnew birth and baptism records to, new marriage records to andnew burial records to This will help you determine the correct parish for your ancestors. This is an important consideration when searching for historic parish records, especially since parish boundaries sometimes changed over time. The schedules linked to the parish maps provide further detail of each parish, such as land use in the region. Some maps even reveal individual buildings, houses, fields, rivers, streams, woods, etc.

    This can be invaluable when you want to narrow down your research to the last mile. Access to TheGenealogist is by subscription. These are baptisms, banns, marriages and burial records that cover many of the parishes in Norfolk. The link provides access to the complete list of parishes and dates that are covered by this release.

    These registers span the years from to and consist of parish and parliamentary electoral rolls, electoral registers and lists of county voters.
    This was the first word our chairman said in his summary following this unique presentation, together with exemplary.

    And who could disagree with him after seeing this show? After his description of essential camera gear, being a Canon 5 DSR and two very powerful flashes, he took us on a four day trip to Thailand. Twenty miles out at sea, and his 50th plus dive, we saw many images and video of various species. A shot of a Loggerhead Turtle was outstanding. David explained how difficult the currents and the loss of colour filtering away with depth can be.

    Then we were off to an underwater paradise in Bunaken, located at the northern tip of Sulawesi Indonesia. At Manado Bay depths can go to 1, metres, and it claims to have seven times more genera of coral than Hawaii.

    The colours of the coral and fish he captured were inspiring. This is caused by which an underwater viewer sees everything above the surface through a cone of light. With a width of about 96 degrees.

    Next Lembeh Strait, a favourite destination for experienced scuba divers and underwater photographers. Here is an extremely high density of rare and unusual marine life. None more so than the Frogfish which David captured in stunning detail.

    Following the tea break David began with a shout out for the decline of coral. Back home David showed us his techniques in a swimming pool project. Here with the help of our intrepid Marlies, he carried out a difficult task with his model Jane. Being very slim she was able to sink to the bottom easier, enabling him to capture amazing shots in various guises.

    Also we saw shots of straight swimming and the dynamics of diving and turning, creating unusual vortex scenes. His final images called Serenity showed glimpses of the beautiful lines of material modelled by Jane. What a finish to his talk as he shared his experience of diving with sharks in Grand Bahama, 52 miles off Palm Beach Florida.

    Suitably called Epic Diving, and two miles out, we were treated to some truly magnificent images of various sharks. These included Hammerhead, Reef, Lemon and the endangered Tiger shark. He dived without cages and helped along with an expert man and wife team.

    At one stage there were around 20 sharks local at once. As David pointed out they were only interested in the food they were supplying, highlighting the fact they are not dangerous to man or woman. Being a video fan myself I was fascinated to see his final video of the sharks encircling naturally to the music of Jaws and how the feeding was done.

    Here David was photo bombed by a Lemon shark creeping up behind. A shocked an amusing glare into the lens he gave. He ended his show with a video of more high quality images, which concluded a truly memorable evening. Below are six images kindly donated by David ed. I have received a few groans and disappointments from some members, and I thought a mention here would be appropriate.

    It is about the amount of manipulation carried out now via the computer, and how it has rapidly increased in the last year or so. Whilst one can't help but marvel at some of these entries, one wonders if the time will come when we have separate categories for software enhanced, and for what comes out of the camera.

    The Practical Night was a little short on members, possibly due to it being a bank holiday. However those who did attend, enjoyed table top work with various objects and Marlies's insects. Many thanks to her Dave demonstrated his "objects in water" again, and Rex was available for mount board ideas. Due to a serious cycle accident Chris had to restrict his use to light weight camera equipment.

    Scenes of the Remarkable Mountains were stunning. Here,would you believe helicopter golf is played out on the peaks. From Glenorchy they took a steamship ferry to the naturally imposing fjords such as the Doubtful and Milford Sounds. Dramatic landscapes were shown, many taken from Zodiac craft. Time lapse video was fascinating along the fjords, and we saw shots of basking seals as photographers had to dodge the dreaded sand flies. Well off the beaten track they called at Catlins Forest Park showing various waterfalls and superb sunrise scenes.

    Then off to Bluff, a town and seaport.

    Wales Dating Site, Free Online Dating in Wales, WA

    Here there were shots of the tallest lighthouse on this coast, Pigeon Port Lighthouse. They are unusually large and spherical, and thought to have formed from ancient marine mud on the sea floor that was compressed.

    Giant concretions possibly formed towards the end of the biblical flood. We saw stunning snow top mountain shots and the clear glazier melt water. At Green Lakes his images really excelled in the beauty of the scenes. At Wanaka Lake, the gateway to Mt.

    Aspiring National Park, Chris captured the famous Wanaka Tree which has grown up all alone in the water, back dropped by the beautiful Southern Alps. In the National Park he embarked on a tour to the Franz Josef Glacier, including a helicopter ride, projecting more amazing shots for us, outlining the incredible compressed blue ice.

    Before a light hearted look at Chris and Dave, and the camper van, together with a nice snippet of our Programme Secretary Marlies, he ended his talk with a visit to the lush pastures where The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogies were filmed in Hobbiton.

    Images of the Hobbit Houses and Holes were truly enchanting. This presentation by Chris is highly recommended, and many thanks to him for his visit. We look forward to a return visit in the near future. Chris's social media links and images kindly donated by Chris More NZ photos at nz.
    These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionLouise says she enjoys being a sex worker Police are choosing to allow brothels to operate providing they create a safe environment for women, one former detective - now a brothel owner - has told the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme.

    How I hacked online dating

    We have been to meet the women working in his premises. The small, smart two-bedroom flat in a Victorian residential block could not be further from what you might expect of a brothel. Many across the UK use trafficked or drug-addicted women who are controlled by pimps, but this is different.

    The interior of the central London apartment is modern, pleasant and warm - there are no grubby net curtains at the windows, or threadbare sheets on the beds.

    Sitting on the brown, faux-leather sofa in the living room is "Cherub", from Romania, in a dark red bra and knickers, and nude patent heels from Primark. Next to her is "Janine", wearing a short black satin robe over purple underwear.

    Wales Dating Site, Free Online Dating in Wales, WA

    Both are cautiously friendly. She is also keen to challenge the stigma around sex work. For her it is a choice, she says, and she is not being exploited. A busy day for Louise would involve eight or nine clients. We spoke to 11 women and members of staff at the brothel, who all told us they were working there by choice, and not under the control of anyone else. We were not allowed to speak to any of the clients and none of them knew we were there.

    No-one could say if the neighbours were aware of what went on in the flat. It's become a lot more normalised. They look like mid-range hotel rooms - cream walls, dark grey bedding dressed with a couple of silk cushions. Either side of the double bed is a wooden chest of drawers containing multiple packets of baby wipes, and nappy sacks for used condoms. A well-thumbed copy of Men's Health magazine sits next to the bed.

    Between clients, the women sit around drinking tea, scrolling through their phones, and laughing about a customer who had wanted Janine to pretend she had "dumped him".

    Astonishingly, the year-old brothel owner, Karl, is a former police officer. The father-of-one says he has been in the role for 15 years. His teenage daughter doesn't know about his job.

    Despite it being illegal to operate a brothel in England and Wales - although not illegal to buy and sell sex - Karl says he has no moral qualms about breaking the law because he does not agree with it, and he says he is not exploiting the women who work for him. We check everyone's passports," he says. He says he operates the brothel in full knowledge of the authorities, and claims they are willing to let him continue as long as the women are in a safe environment. Image caption Karl says he provides a safe environment for the women While Karl and Louise argue for legalisation, feminist Julie Bindel who has written a book on the trade, said legalised brothels were actually worse.

    She interviewed women who worked in prostitution during her research. And we can't keep accepting and condoning it, the buying and selling of the inside of women's bodies.

    Karl and his wife have a limited company, registered as an escort agency. Louise agrees with Karl that brothels should be legalised.

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