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  • Nat Gonella "Skeleton in the cupboard" 1937
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  • Nat Gonella "Skeleton in the cupboard" 1937
  • Nat Gonella "Skeleton in the cupboard" 1937

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    Nat Gonella "Skeleton in the cupboard" 1937

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    Nat Gonella "Skeleton in the cupboard" 1937

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    Locations are marked in Fig.

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    Top row shows the area that will be inundated considering only LLS, middle row indicates the inundated areas considering the upper bound of SLR projection under the RCP 8. Background is the 1-m resolution black and white aerial imagery provided by the NAIP to obtain the data, see https: As we demonstrate, coastal subsidence can significantly increase this exposure.

    The framework presented here to account for coastal land subsidence is transferable to other coastal cities and can be used to inform policy decisions affecting coastal activities.

    Global climate change is affecting the future inundation risks both through accelerating ice sheet melting increasing the rate of SLR and through more intense droughts, leading to unprecedented groundwater overdraft 29 and associated localized coastal land subsidence These data can be used to improve flood resilience plans for coastal megacities around the world, most of which are located in river deltas and lowlands subject to subsidence and with significant populations exposed to flood risk This period was chosen because data sets from three different geometries were available.

    Using these data sets, we generated, and 77 interferograms, respectively. For the Envisat interferometric data set, the maximum temporal and perpendicular baselines are set to be 3 years and m.

    The corresponding numbers are 3 years and m for the ALOS data set. Each data set was processed separately to generate three accurate and high-resolution time series of surface deformation.

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    The time series of complex interferometric phase noise was then calculated in the wavelet domain and analyzed in a statistical framework to identify elite that is, less noisy pixels. The absolute estimate of the phase change for elite pixels was obtained via an iterative 2D sparse phase unwrapping algorithm. Each unwrapped interferogram was corrected for the effect of orbital error 36 and the topography-correlated component of atmospheric delay Using a robust regression, the phase changes from the large set of interferograms were inverted.

    This approach reduced the effects of outliers due to improper phase unwrapping.

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    A high-pass filter, using continuous wavelet transforms, was applied to reduce the temporal component of the atmospheric delay. Lastly, we geocoded all data sets to obtain precise locations of elite pixels in a geographic reference frame. Figure S1 shows the line-of-sight LOS velocity associated with each data set. In the space domain and using a nearest neighbor algorithm, we oversampled data sets 2 and 3 over data set 1.

    In the time domain, the displacement and noise time series of one track were interpolated on the other. Assuming that, at time ta, da and are the displacement and associated SD, respectively, and that the respective values at time tb are db andthen, at time step tc, the interpolated displacement and variance are given as 1 To set up the interpolation in time domain, we first generated a vector with length M including acquisition dates of all three SAR data sets.

    This vector is the base for temporal oversampling, namely, all three data sets were oversampled on this new vector. We split this data set into two parts: One group of stations was used to combine with the InSAR data sets so-called tie pointsand the other part was used to validate the results so-called checkpoints Fig.

    Nat Gonella "Skeleton in the cupboard" 1937

    The E and N displacements of the GNSS tie points were interpolated on the location of the elite pixels from data set 1, using a Kriging interpolation approach and inverse distance weighting Grewal and Andrews 40 have provided a recursive solution to Eqs. To this end, we simulated 3D deformation time series as a combination of a periodic function with a period of 1 year, a Heaviside function with step size of 5 and a linear trend with slopes of 3, 2, and 1 in E, N, and U directions, respectively fig.

    The simulated LOS time series were inverted to recover the 3D displacement field. We first applied the method presented by Ozawa and Ueda 41which jointly inverted data from different look angles and solved for E and U time series. The top row in fig. S1 shows the results from implementing the Ozawa and Ueda 41 approach together with the simulated E, N, and U time series.

    Using this approach, no N displacement was retrieved because they assumed that its contribution was negligible due to the near-polar orbiting satellites. For the E component, the periodicity, trend, and jump were recovered accurately, owing to multiple look and heading angles. However, the estimated U component is relatively uncertain, the mismatch between simulated and recovered signal increases near the jump, and the error propagates throughout the signal. The bottom row in fig. The estimated E component is accurate and matches the simulated signal slightly better than that of Ozawa and Ueda The estimated U component here shows a significant improvement over the other approach and retrieves the periodicity, trend, and jump accurately.

    We obtained an SD of 2. We found that a scale factor of 1 and uniform shift of 0. We obtained an SD of 0. Compaction model Using the 1D compaction model suggested by Kooi and de Vries 17we ran simulations to investigate the impact of sediment thickness and accumulation rate on the present-day compaction rates, using the procedure detailed by Meckel et al. For the Holocene Bay mud deposits of variable thickness https: Here, we can draw on leveling data capturing the early phases of secondary compaction Most of the compaction of the fill material was completed within less than 5 years after placement in — Correction 23 March The authors noted an incorrect funding source, Point Blue Conservation Science, in error.

    SAR data set used in this study, including Envisat data acquired in descending orbit track 70 and ascending orbit trackas well as ALOS SAR data obtained in ascending orbit, frame and track Validation test using synthetic data sets. LOS velocity associated with each data set.

    Nat Gonella "Skeleton in the cupboard" 1937

    Reference 44 This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial licensewhich permits use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, so long as the resultant use is not for commercial advantage and provided the original work is properly cited.

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