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  • Best Dating App in India (2018)
  • Best Dating App in India (2018)

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    Best Dating App in India (2018)

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    But they have no clue that all that coveted knowledge is actually from the books that I read! We are not telling them that, okay?!

    Hence here is a list of 15 must read books for women who are single in this big bad world of dating! You know what makes a comedian funny? The fact that they understand human beings so well. This quality seems to have come in handy for some of the writers on this list. Steve Harvey wants to empower you through this book, and his counsel boils down to telling women how badly they need to understand little games that guys play. The Power of the Pussy: This is her playbook but one you can use to win the game.

    Discussing ideas like manipulating read: Time-tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr.


    Pinterest If you roll both the above books into one, this is what you are most likely to get. A benchmark of ladylike advice for being successful in the modern dating scene, this is an essential guide. Hence, a must for more reasons than one. Straight Talk, No Chaser: Informative and definitely one of the top books to read for single women.

    Are You the One for Me?: Pinterest Dating is a self-exploratory exercise, according to the author, in which past relationship blunders should be analyzed to prevent similar slip ups in the future.

    Written in a flowy style, this guide is easy to comprehend and to apply. Mars and Venus on a Date: Using a similar opinion of men and women being wired differently, this book discusses how dating is different for both the sexes. Explaining the rules of dating, by making use of a supportive dose of psychology, this book will provide a deep insight on the diverse and at times, contradictory motives that guide men and women while dating.

    The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough by Lori Gottlieb Image source: Pinterest A standout when it comes to must read books for women, this one emphasizes the supposedly impractical expectations young girls have for their life partner. It is not that all men are sub-standard but that the gals have set some near impossible benchmarks for the poor fellas to reach!

    This is a clever book and must get a place in your coveted bookshelf for the renewed perspective it allows on dating, among other reasons.

    Pinterest Targeted advice for women who always fall for men who are utterly wrong for them. If this is your dating history, this book will open your eyes and help you recognize your poor choices.

    Best Dating App in India (2018)

    Written after years of conversations with such females, Sandra L. Brown, a domestic violence counselor, lays it bare in this bestseller. The Tao of Dating: Pinterest This book hits the nail on the head for most single women. Speaking about the feminine side of us that the society tries to keep muffled, Ali Binazir, takes a self-empowerment approach to relationships, that too in a clinical sense. Indeed one of the best books to read on dating.

    Why Men Love Bitches: So using a dose of self-empowerment into the dating scene too, is the need of the hour.

    For the message of stand-out strength that this book tries to promote, it is a must. By the way, the male folk hate this volume! Pinterest A scientifically-based dating guide, would you believe that? Well, this is it! The positive and assuring language used, is a plus.

    Best Kindle Singles (39 books)

    Pinterest Leil Lowndes is the author of many dating books and each and every one of them could easily make it to the list I think we should have a list of just her dating books maybe!

    Social skills, is what the guide focuses on, something that the other books on dating miss out. It is all research-based, so you know it is highly recommended. Pinterest He is not an expert, but Behrendt, has tapped into the most basic principle of dating in this bestselling book: Moving on is the best thing to do then. Hence, this book teaches you how to deduce the male signs of attraction. Pinterest Red flags to alert you about whether you are dating a loser. This book talks of 25 classifications of loser that exist; from the one who abuses to the one who wanders.

    There are also different sets of questions for you so that by the end of it all, you know easily who to pursue and who to let go of. An instrumental bible, this one, for your courting arsenal.

    Pinterest When it comes to dating, women seem to be making the same mistake for centuries together; the mistake of putting the other above themselves.

    Best Kindle Singles (39 books)

    This is a recipe for being taken for granted, I tell you! Full of real life stories, insights, and reflections from the author, this book feels like a series of letters written by one girlfriend to another. All these books, call them manuals if you want, are full of valuable advice. However, they will only work magic if you allow them to, that is, if you implement them in your life.

    For more on dating, relationships, and love, sign up for our newsletter today! Summary 15 Must Read Books For Women On Dating Author Riya Roy Description If you're a single woman in the big bad world of dating, then you need to read these dating books that are among the must read books for women.

    I'd type a little faster. I was tormented by the earnestness of the written word not very early in my journey. But once smitten, it has helped me devour life twice over; savoring the moment and indulging in its memories. Realizing that, they are just different manifestations of the same feeling of love, has been my greatest learning.

    I seek to share its opulence through the words I type.

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