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    Android Kikaider: The Animation

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    Android Kikaider: The Animation

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    Best “Gay” Sex App (#6-7)

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    Best Free Dating App For Android

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    Story[ edit ] Dr. Kohmyoji is a scientist and an expert in robotics, who is being kept prisoner by the evil organization, DARK.

    When Gill learns about this, he sends his androids to deal with Dr. Jiro Kikaider is able to rescue Dr. Kohmyoji's daughter, Mitsuko, but a fire separates him from Dr.

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    Jiro is able to destroy Gray Rhino King, but is unable to locate Dr. Kohmyoji, who is wandering away with amnesia.

    The series mainly deals with the constant battle between Kikaider and the Destructroids. Kohmyoji and his children, Mitsuko and Masuru. Hanpei Hattori, a detective who provides comedy relief, helps them.

    During some battles, Professor Gill uses his evil flute to stop Jiro from becoming Kikaider. Jiro manages to find a way to drown out or block the sound of the flute. Kohmyoji wandering with amnesia is usually a figure in the background.

    Best Free Dating App For Android

    Mitsuko and Masuru often talk to people who have encountered him, but never manage to catch up with him. On occasion, when Kikaider is damaged, Dr. Kohmyoji manages to fix him, without quite knowing what he is doing.

    Clover – Chat it up

    Later in the series, Jiro is nearly overcome by Professor Gill's flute, and he attacks Dr. Kohmyoji and makes it seem that Jiro killed him. Jiro is damaged and unable to speak and unable to defend himself.

    He is also pursued by the police. A new character appears, Hakaider. Kohmyoji to build him and to place his own brain in the machine, under control of an evil circuit, the opposite of Kikaider's conscience circuit. Kikaider fights the robot and is almost destroyed, when Hakaider leaves suddenly.

    When Jiro finds out that Dr. Kohmyoji's brain is in Hakaider's body, he realizes that he will not be able to fight Hakaider. Mitsuko and Masaru see a leather-clad man walking down the side of the building. This man is actually an android, Saburo. He says that he is the creation of Dr. Kohmyoji and that his job is to destroy Jiro, who he believes is now evil. Masaru allies himself with Saburo. Out of sight of Mitsuko and Masaru, Saburo reveals that he is actually Hakaider.

    He and Masaru pursue Jiro but realize he's still good when he surrenders. Red Mine Toad destroys Kikaider, using a mine that is built into his body. Hattori collects the pieces of Kikaider's body. Hakaider goes crazy, because without Kikaider to fight, he has no reason to live. Hattori has found Mitsuko and Masaru and gives them the pieces of Kikaider.

    Gill convinces Hakaider to kill Dr. Kohmyoji, instead of attacking DARK. Kohmyoji's body and finds the partially reassembled Kikaider. Hakaider refuses to fight a helpless enemy and allows Mitsuko to finish reassembling him. A rebuilt Jiro is unable to change into Kikaider, but he decides to lure Hakaider away to protect Dr. Kohmyoji and Kohmyoji's children. Jiro gives the body of Hakaider to Mitsuko, who puts Dr. Kohmyoji's brain back into his body. Kohmyoji recovers, and is able to fix Jiro's change circuit.

    Kohmyoji leaves Japan and takes his kids with him, While Jiro decides to stay in Japan to work on improving himself. An android created by Dr. Kohmyoji to stop DARK. He acts to protect Dr. Kohmyoji's children Mitsuko and Masaru. Since his conscience circuit is incomplete, Professor Gill's hypnotic flute causes him pain and is ultimately able to control him.

    He defends himself by overpowering its influence for example, using a louder sound to drown it out. Jiro has a guitar, which he uses to announce his presence and motorcycle, which is called Sidemachine. Jiro is played by Daisuke Ban in his human form while Toshiaki Kikuchi plays his robot form.

    The creator of Kikaider. A top robotics expert, he was captured by DARK to help them build an army of murderous robot monsters. Secretly built Kikaider to not only protect his two children Mitsuko and Masaru, but to save the world.

    Kohmyoji is played by Hajime Izu. The daughter of Dr. Kohmyoji, the scientist who created Jiro. She develops feelings for Jiro and helps to repair him when he is damaged. Jiro tries to keep away from her to protect her feelings.

    Best Free Dating App For Android

    Mitsuko Kohmyoji is played by Jun Mizunoe. The spunky younger brother of Mitsuko. Masaru Kohmyoji is played by Masahiro Kamiya. A hysterically comical private investigator who befriends and helps Kikaider and his companions. Hanpei is derisively nicknamed "Hanpen" by his companions hanpen is Japanese for "pounded fish cake".

    Even the usually very polite Jiro will sometimes use the name Hanpen. He has a green Subaru Villains[ edit ] Professor Gill: The leader of a terrorist organization called DARK. Kohmyoji prisoner, and forced him to make destructive robots. Gill hates Kikaider, seeing him as a threat to his ambition, and wants to destroy him as a result.

    Professor Gill is played by Mitsuo Ando. Another android, considered as Jiro's "younger brother" as he was also made by Gill. While Jiro was made by Dr. Kohmyoji voluntarily, Saburo was one of the androids Kohmyoji was forced to make under the dominance of DARK to "correct" his mistake by destroying Kikaider. Kohmyoji's brain transplanted into the very android he created as his trump card against Jiro.

    Hakaider almost succeeded in killing Kikaider, but he was forced to stop fighting because he needs periodic blood transfusions from Dr.

    In the sequel show, Kikaider 01Professor Gill's brain somehow wound up in Hakaider. Saburo often announces his presence by whistling. Not to be confused with Saburo Yatsudeone of the pseudonyms used by Toei's production stuff.

    Professor Gill's loyal android henchmen. Although vastly inferior to Destructoids they are capable of fighting and are often equipped with a naginata.

    Professor Gill's 2nd loyal android henchmen. Although vastly inferior to Destructoids they are capable of fighting and are often equipped with a 2nd naginata.

    Destructoids[ edit ] Gray Rhino King: Powers include strength, a retractable drill-like nasal horn, burrowing, can run up to kilometers per hour, and can disguise himself as a human. Appears in episodes 1, 2 and Powers include a pair of launchable tentacle-like mantis arms called the Mantis Cut, a human disguise, and a chain in the left arm. Appears in episodes 1, 3 and Powers include purple formic acid spray from the arms called the Formic Acid Guns, telekinetic burrowing called the Ant Death Trap, and needle grenades in the right arm.

    Powers include swimming, explosive spikes from the back called the Buffalo Missiles, a resistance to fire, projectiles, and electricity, a thick skull that can easily withstand tons of force, and mouth flames. Appears in episodes 1, 5 and Powers include a tail flamethrower called the Tail Fire that can fly if severed, a human disguise, and torso guns called the Body Gun. Powers include a hot magnet that emits fire called the Electro-Disintegrator, speed, high jumping, fangs, and nasal winds called the Horse Hurricane.

    Powers include a launchable right wrist collar on a chain, body part separation, missiles from the neck collar, and mouth wind gusts and suction. Appears in episodes 1, 8 and Powers include body webs called the Spider Threads, remotely controlling his hands if severed, tooth venom, and a web net called the Spider Net.

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