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  • Jacque Lewarne Responds To Rudy Abreu's Love Advances & SYTYCD's Zack Everhart Is Single!
  • Jacque Lewarne Responds To Rudy Abreu's Love Advances & SYTYCD's Zack Everhart Is Single!
  • Miami, United States
  • Jacque Lewarne Responds To Rudy Abreu's Love Advances & SYTYCD's Zack Everhart Is Single!
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  • Jacque Lewarne Responds To Rudy Abreu's Love Advances & SYTYCD's Zack Everhart Is Single!
  • Jacque Lewarne Responds To Rudy Abreu's Love Advances & SYTYCD's Zack Everhart Is Single!
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    Jacque Lewarne Responds To Rudy Abreu's Love Advances & SYTYCD's Zack Everhart Is Single!

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    Jacque Lewarne Responds To Rudy Abreu's Love Advances & SYTYCD's Zack Everhart Is Single!

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    Miami, United States

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    Jacque Lewarne Responds To Rudy Abreu's Love Advances & SYTYCD's Zack Everhart Is Single!

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    Can you just imagine what a piece involving 6 ballroom dancers would have looked like? I want to cry. But instead, I will sniffle back my tears and talk about all the good moments of this episode, which were many.

    Hopefully next year they can return to the city of sin so we can all stop stumbling over the name change. As always, Calls Backs start with solos. There are dancers, so this actually takes 8 hours.

    We start with sassy ballroom beauty Tanisha Belnap and her strappy red shoes. How do you not stand in awe of someone who can do flips and aerials in those shoes? Even cooler, we get to see the solo of a New Orleans street dancer named Steven Kador, who in unhappy reality show tradition has come to Pasadena while his girlfriend is in labor with their child.

    What a terrible dilemma that is. Even Irina produces the ghost of a smile. Try again next year, honey! You were so good! Next up, the Hip Hop round. Well, everyone else, really. The dancers get an hour to train, and then are left overnight to their own devices.

    Entertainment News Latest Celebrity News, Videos & Photos ABC News ABC News

    Steven — now the proud papa of wee son Cameron — makes it through, as does Marlene, though neither with great panache. To my horror, audition favorites Megan Marcano weep and Franchesca Bass are summarily cut as well. Also having trouble advancing were jazz dancer Jessica Richens who loves to play sexy onstage and who Mary and Christina Applegate pegged as a possible winner and the lovely Vegas street performer Marie Poppins.

    The girl can really work it — her spins go on forever — and I love the way the piece builds along with the music.

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    Nice to see you guys! During the hour long training process we see the aftermath of a mess between dorky-cute tapper Zack Everheart and ballroom dancer Alla Kochberga. Did he drop her?

    She and Serge exchange a tender hug and kiss; the dating might be going okay despite her timeline. Lots of other folks do well, however; Serge himself, Johny Waacks again, nice! More folks fare poorly, though, especially the street performers. Jazz spells the end for poor Steven Kador who can do the moves but not as a routine, if that makes any sense ,b-boy Shafeek Westbrook, and Marie Poppins.

    I had such hopes for them! Jaja is now asked to dance for her life. And then the dreaded Contemporary round, where the judges are probably hardest of all on the dancers. One of the first things we see is adorable Bridget Whitman nearly falling over in her routine. Did her partner Landon knock her over in his enthusiasm? No, the judges blame Bridget the sweet girl whose father told her she could make the show if she worked hard the night just before he was killed in a car crashand she too is told to dance for her life.

    Put a bunch of sleep deprived kids together and what do you get? A war of egos, a trail of tears, and not a lot of decent choreography.

    Jacque Lewarne Responds To Rudy Abreu's Love Advances & SYTYCD's Zack Everhart Is Single!

    Alarmingly, Nigel sends them off to decide amongst themselves who should be cut. How awful is that? And that, Nigel tells them sanctimoniously, is all he could ever ask for in a dancer; despite the dismal routine, they all get to stay. In fact, it looks like poor birthday girl Olivia is part of a tiny minority, because despite generally unimpressive, even dismal results of the group round only 6 of the fifty dancers are cut. Last year and in several years past the judges went home to think their decision through.

    The solos begin with a freshly shaved Ricky. I cannot overstate how much I loved this.

    Jacque Lewarne Responds To Rudy Abreu's Love Advances & SYTYCD's Zack Everhart Is Single!

    I really enjoy the bits we see of other dancers, too — Silky, Marcquet, Emily, Johny and Christian, as well as a tapper with tall spiky hair. As usual the dancers get a chance to make a verbal pitch to the judges. How is that even possible? Serena the rumba queen, Armen Way, Novien Yarber, Amanda Mitchell, and a few real shockers — Jaja Vankovich, whom the judges believe needs more time to work on other styles, jazz fire ball Hailee Payne, and the masterful Johnny Waacks.

    Finally, the judges not only shock me but break my heart by cutting irrepressible charmer Silky Moore. The Top Twenty are as follows, in the order they were presented to us: I first noticed in the solo round Stanley Glover, contemporary good for him, and good for us Millie Dosal, popping and redemption Zack Everheart, tap nerds inherit the earth! Marcquet Hill, Latin ballroom hurrah! A stand out in a great field — I expect great things. Rudy Abreu, contemporary, crier, who squeaks in over Silky in the worst decision ever.

    Jessica Richen, jazz because duh Jacque LeWarne, ballet who? Carly Blaney, contemporary yay, persistence! Bridget Whitman, contemporary yay! Valerie Rockey, tap YES! Love the tap, love her smile, love her joie de vivre Jordan Epstein, ballet, hurray for ballet! Emily James, contemporary and yay, temporarily ignoring your business degree to follow your heart Tanisha Belnap, who alone of the enormous ballroom contingent is just listed officially as ballroom and not Latin ballroom Marlene Ostergaard, Latin ballroom, well-deserved and exciting Brooklyn Fullmer, Latin ballroom, also well-deserved and exciting And there it is.

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    Better luck next year, guys! Bring on the live shows!

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