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  • Dost4Date : Free online dating (Viewed by Rakshita from Kolkata)
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  • Dost4Date : Free online dating (Viewed by Rakshita from Kolkata)
  • Dost4Date : Free online dating (Viewed by Rakshita from Kolkata)
  • India Chat Room - Online Chat Without Registration
  • Dost4Date : Free online dating (Viewed by Rakshita from Kolkata)
  • Dost4Date : Free online dating (Viewed by Rakshita from Kolkata)

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    Dost4Date : Free online dating (Viewed by Rakshita from Kolkata)

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    Butt plugs are often shorter dildos intended for anal insertion. They tend to have a flared base to prevent the device from becoming sucked into the rectum.

    Prostate massagers are devices designed to stimulate a man's prostate for health and pleasure. Glass sex toys Glass Dildo Glass sex toys are commonly made from clear medical grade borosilicate glass "hard glass". This particular type of safety toughened glass is non-toxic and will withstand extreme temperatures, as well as physical shock without compromising its structural integrity.

    The choice of this high-grade material provides safety in use and the option to heat or chill the toys. Borosilicate glass is also non-porous and can be sterilized to help prevent infection with reuse. The highest quality glass toys can even be put in the dishwasher making them easier to keep clean.

    As well as their practical qualities, a main selling point of glass sex toys is their visual appeal. Some glass sex toys vibrate. There are two main ways this can be achieved. Either the toy may have a hole into which a small bullet vibrator can be inserted, or the core of the glass design can be modified to form a standard vibrator. The latter option usually has a plastic cap covering the battery compartment, which will also house any control buttons or switches.

    Vibrator sex toy Vibrators are vibrating devices intended to stimulate the body.

    Free Chat Rooms,Free Online Chat With No Registration 2016

    Vibrators come in a range of shapes and sizes, for internal or external use. Some vibrators intended for internal use are phallic in shape. Small vibrators may have a stretchy loop attachment for use as a finger toy or cock ring.

    Penetrative vibrators usually measure twelve to eighteen cm five to seven inches in length and two to five cm one to two inches wide often to mimic the size of the average human penis. The safest ones have a flared base which remains outside the body, that prevents the toy from becoming irretrievable.

    Bullet vibrators are small, bullet-shaped vibrators that can be used for direct stimulation or inserted into other sex toys to increase stimulation.

    Some are sold with stretchy loops for attachment as a finger toy or cock ring. Luxury vibrators have an increased focus on design and the use of expensive materials that appeal to a more upscale fashion market. G-spot vibrators are curved at one end to facilitate stimulation of the female G-spot.

    The rabbit vibratorof which there are several variations, is a popular female sex toy popularized by the television series Sex and the City.

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    Attached to the shaft is a vibrating clitoral stimulator. For most rabbit vibrators this comes in the form of "bunny ears" which sit each side of the clitoris. Vibrator wands, such as the Hitachi Magic Wandare large vibrators that generally plug into an electrical outlet versus operating on battery power and are often marketed as back massagers. Nipple toys A nipple clamp is a clamp used to stimulate the nipples by applying varying degrees of pressure.

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    Some male masturbators are disposable and some can be washed and used repeatedly. Some are equipped with sex-machine options that work similar to milking machines. A cock harness is a more elaborate harness designed to be worn around the penis and scrotum. Its function is similar to that of a cock ring. These devices are often associated with BDSM activities such as cock and ball torture. An Arab strap is one such form of harness, purported to be a device used for maintaining an erection.

    Cock rings prolong male erection by holding blood inside the penis. A man may wear a cock-ring to combat erectile difficulties, or for the sensation of tightness and engorgement that wearing one provides. Some models include a protruding clitoral stimulator, designed to stimulate the clitoris during sex. Others vibrate, either vibrating the ring itself, or in a popular 'Dolphin' variant by using two removable bullet vibrators to provide stimulation to both the testicles and clitoris. Some cock rings also have vibrators attached which can be worn to stimulate a partner during sexual intercourseespecially in the scrotum or perineum.

    In orgasm, the testicles usually retract toward the body before ejaculation. A triple crown changes and intensifies the sensation of orgasm by forcing the testicles to stay away from the body.

    A docking sleeve is a cylindrical device similar to a penis sleeve, but is open at both ends, so that two men can docka form of mutual masturbation. A fifi also fifi towel or fifi bag is a slang term for an improvised vagina, often made of cloth or fabric.

    These are generally worn with condoms to prevent them from falling off during use. A penis sleeve is a cylindrical device that is placed on the shaft of the penis, with the aim of increasing stimulation for the person being penetrated. They often have soft bumps intended to provide further stimulation.

    Health, safety, and privacy concerns No safety regulations exist in the sex toy industry. The sex toys are sold as novelty items so they do not need to adhere to certain regulations such as reporting the chemicals and materials used in a product. Due to this status, manufacturers are not responsible if their toys are used for any other purpose than being a novelty. A recent study conducted by the Greenpeace Netherlands office found high level of phthalates in seven out of eight plastic sex toys tested.

    Therefore, sex toy manufacturers more often choose less complex production by labelling them a novelty, where their listed ingredients do not have to be accurate in chemical composition or percentage of ingredients.

    Due to the novelty classification, sex toys may contain toxins such as phthalates, which have been banned in children's toys by the CPSC. The latest research indicates that exposure to these substances can upset the body's ability to regulate hormone production, damage reproduction, can cause liver and kidney defects, and can cause cancer. The most common and external side-effects are rashes, itchiness and irritation to the locations of use.

    Before using a sex toy, owners should take precautions. One should check for tears, rough seams or cracks that could harm the inside of the vagina or anus.

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    Condoms should also be used on porous sex toys and sex toys that are being shared between two or more partners. They should also use appropriate lubricants; silicone lube will break down silicone toys, and oil-based lubes will break down latex condoms. Cleaning them will avoid the potential of bacterial infection, transmission of STIs if sharedor pregnancy if sperm is present on the toy.

    Porous sex toys ridged, flexible, soft and squishy are difficult to clean and can hide bacteria that multiply and harm the human body. Non-porous toys are easier to clean, being less harmful. Porous toys [15] Rubber toys: Cyberskin and Vinyl toys: Anal toys butt plugssmall dildos, etc.

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    Legal issues India Sex toys are illegal in India. Besides sex toys, any book, pamphlet, paper, writing, drawing, painting, representation, figure or any other object, is by the way also considered obscene by section if it is lascivious or appeals to the prurient interest. The term "unnatural sexual act" referred to any sex other than vaginal heterosexual sex, and this prohibition was ostensibly aimed at preventing the use of dildos by lesbians.

    Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act and Texas obscenity statute Sex toys and lubricants have become increasingly available in major commercial outlets in the United States. On-shelf displays tend to be more discreet than the offerings on web sites. These items tend to be displayed in the "sexual health" sections of stores. A federal appeals court upheld Alabama's law prohibiting the sale of sex toys on Valentine's Day, Texaswhere the U.

    Supreme Court in struck down bans on consensual sex between gay couples, as unconstitutionally aiming at "enforcing a public moral code by restricting private intimate conduct". Similar statutes have been struck down in Kansas and Colorado. Marty Kleinauthor of America's War on Sex and an advocate for the moral value of sex toys, has described the sex toy bans as a form of erotophobia and genophobia claiming the "extraordinary erosion of personal liberty, coupled with the massive disrespect of and fear of sexuality is no joke" and that the "Supreme Court [of the United States] has declared our orgasms a battlefield, and sex toys another casualty.

    However, some items, such as "hand held massagers", are sold in mainstream retail outlets such as drugstores.
    Etymology[ edit ] Kathmandu is not the native name used by the indigenous Nepa people of the valley. Yei is the classical Nepalese name for it. This temple, also known as Maru Satta: The two-story structure was made entirely of wood and used no iron nails nor supports.

    According to legend, all the timber used to build the pagoda was obtained from a single tree. Thus, giving it a meaning as "City of light". History of Kathmandu and Timeline of Kathmandu Manjushree, with Chandrahrasa, the Buddhist deity said to have created the valley Archaeological excavations in parts of Kathmandu have found evidence of ancient civilisations. The oldest of these findings is a statue, found in Maligaonthat was dated at AD.

    Archaeologists believe it is two thousand years old. Inthey passed through Nepal on their way from Tibet to Indiaand reported that they reached "Cadmendu", the capital of Nepal kingdom.

    Dost4Date : Free online dating (Viewed by Rakshita from Kolkata)

    According to Swayambhu Puranapresent-day Kathmandu was once a huge and deep lake named "Nagdaha", as it was full of snakes. The lake was cut drained by Bodhisatwa Manjusri with his sword, and the water was evacuated out from there.

    Dost4Date : Free online dating (Viewed by Rakshita from Kolkata)

    He then established a city called Manjupattan, and made Dharmakar the ruler of the valley land. After some time, a demon named Banasur closed the outlet, and the valley again turned into a lake. Then lord Krishna came to Nepalkilled Banasur, and again drained out the water. He brought some Gopals along with him and made Bhuktaman the king of Nepal. The name Nepal probably originates from this city Nayapala.

    India Chat Room - Online Chat Without Registration

    Very few historical record exists of the period before medieval Licchavis rulers. During the Kirata era, a settlement called Yambu existed in the northern half of old Kathmandu.

    In some of the Sino-Tibetan languagesKathmandu is still called Yambu. Another smaller settlement called Yengal was present in the southern half of old Kathmandu, near Manjupattan. During the reign of the seventh Kirata ruler, Jitedasti, Buddhist monks entered Kathmandu valley and established a forest monastery at Sankhu. During this era, following the genocide of Shakyas in Lumbini by Virudhakathe survivors migrated north and entered the forest monastery in Sankhu masquerading as Koliyas.

    From Sankhu, they migrated to Yambu and Yengal Lanjagwal and Manjupattan and established the first permanent Buddhist monasteries of Kathmandu. This created the basis of Newar Buddhismwhich is the only surviving Sanskrit-based Buddhist tradition in the world. The city was surrounded by eight barracks guarded by Ajimas. One of these barracks is still in use at Bhadrakali in front of Singha Durbar.

    The city served as an important transit point in the trade between India and Tibet, leading to tremendous growth in architecture. Descriptions of buildings such as Managriha, Kailaskut Bhawan, and Bhadradiwas Bhawan have been found in the surviving journals of travellers and monks who lived during this era. For example, the famous 7th-century Chinese traveller Xuanzang described Kailaskut Bhawan, the palace of the Licchavi king Amshuverma.

    The artistry of the Newar people—the indigenous inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley—became highly sought after during this era, both within the Valley and throughout the greater Himalayas. Newar artists travelled extensively throughout Asia, creating religious art for their neighbours.

    For example, Araniko led a group of his compatriot artists through Tibet and China. Rulers from Tirhutupon being attacked by Muslimsfled north to the Kathmandu valley. They intermarried with Nepali royalty, and this led to the Malla era.

    The early years of the Malla era were turbulent, with raids and attacks from Khas and Turk Muslims. There was also a devastating earthquake which claimed the lives of a third of Kathmandu's population, including the king Abhaya Malla. These disasters led to the destruction of most of the architecture of the Licchavi era such as Mangriha and Kailashkut Bhawanand the loss of literature collected in various monasteries within the city.

    Despite the initial hardships, Kathmandu rose to prominence again and, during most of the Malla era, dominated the trade between India and Tibet. Nepali currency became the standard currency in trans-Himalayan trade. During the later part of the Malla era, Kathmandu Valley comprised four fortified cities: Kantipur, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, and Kirtipur. These served as the capitals of the Malla confederation of Nepal.

    Dost4Date : Free online dating (Viewed by Rakshita from Kolkata)

    These states competed with each other in the arts, architecture, aesthetics, and trade, resulting in tremendous development. The kings of this period directly influenced or involved themselves in the construction of public buildings, squares, and temples, as well as the development of waterspouts, the institutionalisation of trusts called guthisthe codification of laws, the writing of dramas, and the performance of plays in city squares. Evidence of an influx of ideas from India, Tibet, China, Persia, and Europe among other places can be found in a stone inscription from the time of king Pratap Malla.

    Books have been found from this era that describe their tantric tradition e. Tantrakhyanmedicine e. Haramekhalareligion e. Mooldevshashidevlaw, morals, and history. The now demolished old royal palace in Early Shah rule[ edit ] The Gorkha Kingdom ended the Malla confederation after the Battle of Kathmandu in This marked the beginning of the modern era in Kathmandu.

    Kathmandu was adopted as the capital of the Gorkha empire, and the empire itself was dubbed Nepal. During the early part of this era, Kathmandu maintained its distinctive culture. Buildings with characteristic Nepali architecture, such as the nine-story tower of Basantapur, were built during this era.

    However, trade declined because of continual war with neighbouring nations. Bhimsen Thapa supported France against Great Britain; this led to the development of modern military structures, such as modern barracks in Kathmandu. The nine-storey tower Dharahara was originally built during this era.

    During this massacre, most of Nepal's high-ranking officials were massacred by Jang Bahadur Rana and his supporters. Another massacre, the Bhandarkhal Massacrewas also conducted by Kunwar and his supporters in Kathmandu. During the Rana regime, Kathmandu's alliance shifted from anti-British to pro-British; this led to the construction of the first buildings in the style of Western European architecture.

    The first modern commercial road in the Kathmandu Valley, the New Roadwas also built during this era. Trichandra College the first college of NepalDurbar School the first modern school of Nepaland Bir Hospital the first hospital of Nepal were built in Kathmandu during this era. Rana rule was marked by despotism, economic exploitation and religious persecution.

    To the north the urban area extends into several Village Development Committees. However, the urban agglomeration extends well beyond the neighbouring municipalities, e. Places adjacent to Kathmandu.
    Making you prone to several serious health diseases such as coronary heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, it is extremely important to keep it under control.

    Nov 6, Those suffering from cholesterol issues should know that your diet can be greatly responsible for high cholesterol level in the body. Hence, before indulging in any type of food, it is important to know your food and how it impacts you. Here we have mentioned few foods that help in keeping your cholesterol level under control. One of its components beta-glucan, helps in absorbing LDL the bad cholesterol which the body then excretes.

    According to the studies, as little as 3 grams of soluble oat fibre daily, present in one bowl of oatmeal, can reduce total cholesterol by per cent in people who are suffering from high cholesterol issues.

    They keep a healthy blood pressure which is a solution for a lot of problems, one of them being cholesterol. Almonds and cashews are other good options for treating cholesterol. Barley also controls triglyceride level and regulates blood sugar level. Fruits such as pear, apples, oranges, berries, grapefruit and pomegranate have the necessary nutrients and components that aid in reducing the cholesterol level in the blood. It is also because their high fibre content help in reducing cholesterol level.

    It also reduces the effect of menopause, improves digestive health, promotes bone health, protects against birth defects, increases circulation and decreases the risk of diabetes. Its products like tofu, nuggets, Nutella, soy nuts and unflavoured soy milk help to lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

    It is a great substitute of the animal protein for the vegetarians as it lowers the level of total cholesterol, bad LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides without lowering HDL good cholesterol levels. The omega-3 fatty acid in fish when consumed, reduces the triglyceride level by as much as per cent while increasing the level of high-density lipoproteins HDL that are good for heart health. Using oils such as sunflower and other varieties, in place of butter in cooking or at the table help in lowering LDL.

    As it contains the right amount of oryzanol, which is an antioxidant, rice bran oil thus decreases cholesterol absorption and increases our body's ability to eliminate excess cholesterol.

    It detoxifies the body, reduces cholesterol, increases digestion, improves eyesight and provides relief from various skin problems. According to the studies conducted, it is seen that the regular consumption of fenugreek seeds are also effective in controlling blood sugar level in people with diabetes. Drinking lemon juice daily reduces the level of LDL, or "bad," cholesterol in the body.

    Lemon Juice is one of the best natural cleansers because of its high citric acid content. The best time to drink lemon juice is in the morning, just after getting out of the bed. Drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach every day keeps your body healthy and free of impurities. While during winter, it keeps us warm and helps in getting rid of throat infections.

    Dost4Date : Free online dating (Viewed by Rakshita from Kolkata)

    Ginger is also rich in good enzymes and natural oil which reduces the level of bad cholesterol from the body. It is also sometimes used as a food thickener. Studies have shown that ispaghula benefits in reducing blood cholesterol level.

    It also improves heart and mental health and regulates body temperature. The best way to consume coriander is by boiling two tablespoons of coriander seeds in a glass of water, strain the decoction after cooling and drink it twice a day for effective results.

    It is beneficial in lowering cholesterol level. The fibre in broccoli lowers cholesterol by binding with bile acids in the digestive tract and excreting it out of the body.

    Vinegar maintains the pH level in the body and has a rich amount of potassium and enzymes which also helps in making a healthier body. The brown rice is rich in nutrients including B vitamins, selenium, magnesium and phytonutrients. Download The Times of India news app for your device.

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