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    Our Review

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    Coffe Meets Bagel Review

    Have you tried online dating before? I had never even been on a blind date before. Why Coffee Meets Bagel? I appreciated how discrete and private the service was, and that it was free of charge! I was looking into sites to try online dating for the first time, and was intimidated and turned off by the idea of putting a profile out there that people could search.

    I liked that I wouldn't receive random messages from strangers on CMB, and that I would get a "daily Bagel," one person at a time. I also liked that I would never have to communicate my rejection to anyone, or vice-versa - all we would need to do was click "pass" and never worry about how to phrase a "no" to a stranger. I also liked that my full name and real phone number and email address would not be revealed, I could share them when I was ready.

    Overall CMB struck me as a low-key, easy, private and safe way to meet new people. Have you connected with anyone else before you met this Bagel? Nope, he was my first Bagel ever. He fit all my preferences! Age, location, religion, he had finished college and found a "real" job career potential, at least from the title. He seemed like a kind and honest guy in his profile, very real and down-to-earth.

    He looked cute in his pictures, and he had one picture of himself in a suit with what looked like family members - family is really important to me, so that was intriguing. He said he was athletic and looking for someone active, so I hesitated for a moment before clicking "LIKE" because that's not a huge part of my personality, but we seemed like a good enough fit so I went for it!

    Who asked to meet first and how soon? He texted me almost immediately after we were connected, and after a few messages he asked to meet just a few days later, on a Sunday night. Did you guys have a mutual friend and did it make any difference? We had one mutual Facebook friend, who I knew from college and I think he knew from high school, but that hasn't made a difference yet. I barely even remembered that I was Facebook friends with this person, and I don't remember exactly when I met this mutual friend during college.

    How was the first date? Was this "click" at first sight? He got there a solid 15 minutes early and texted that he was waiting outside for me, and I was impressed!

    The conversation flowed so easily, we wound up sticking around for dinner and hours of talking. Best first date ever! How many dates before it became "official"?

    Coffe Meets Bagel Review

    We still aren't "official," but I have no interest in seeing anyone else right now, and neither does he. For our second date he cooked me dinner at his apartment, and for our third date we are going to watch a football game.

    We also have a few events penciled in over the next few months, so things are looking good! Any advice for future Coffee Meets Bagel members? I'd used JDate a popular Jewish dating website multiple times over the past several years. I dated plenty using the site, but very few first dates turned into more than that. I've also used a handful of other targeted Jewish dating websites and matchmakers, but infrequently and with no real success.

    The description of Free CMB Dating Tips

    Given all the bad dating experiences I've had, especially this past year, I figured it couldn't be any worse; at the very least, I might get some bad dates - but good dating stories - out of it. Also, the name was inventive and great, and the concept is a really simple but obviously well-founded one!

    But the person was very flirty and flighty, and only a handful of texts were ever exchanged. I could tell early on the guy was a serial flirt, and that I wasn't likely interested.

    Honestly, I clicked yes to the majority of profiles, but I think there was something sincere and straightforward about Jonathan in his profile picture.

    I think we had been texting back and forth for a couple of weeks with some frequency and when we knew our schedules were free, we planned to get drinks. I can't remember which of us asked first The mutual friend was someone I knew from college and see from time to time at young professional events, and she led a peer trip abroad in which he participated.

    And even though we had already planned a second or third date at that point and I was definitely interested in him, when I emailed with her, she endorsed him so highly that I knew he was someone worth continuing to get to know. Most of the dates I've been on this past year lasted an hour, but we were talking for about hours on our first date. It probably would have been longer if it hadn't been a weeknight Obviously this relationship is really, really new; we're still getting to know one another; and anything can happen Between dates 4 and 5, which were both this past week.

    Be open, and take some risks! And include something quirky and unique on your own profile even if it's one of your profile pics - it'll help you stand out a bit, and provide some good conversation material if you do end up on a date. I liked the idea of not sifting through profiles. First Bagel with whom I connected Q: He looked like a nice person intangible Q: He asked and we met 5 days after connecting Q: No mutual friend Q: It's not official, but it has potential.

    Member Structure

    It seemed fun and easy. I also liked knowing if I had friends in common with someone and the matches were mostly very highly educated. I was connected to a couple people, and had one in person date on CMB before this bagel. Her smile in photographs. I asked to meet and it only took about an hour and maybe text message exchanges. No mutual friends, and it didn't make any difference.

    It was the best date I've ever had. Yes, this was "click" at first sight. We both made each other feel comfortable so our true selves could come out. Not official yet, but getting there. You never know who you will meet. I heard about it from a friend who started using it after a breakup.

    When I started using it, I found a match right away and within a week, I was met for my first date. It went pretty well, so I kept using the app and the next week, I found my match! You can call me a CMB evangelist now, haha. The app is simply takes a lot of work out of regular online dating, which involves sifting through profiles, and competing with hundreds of other people sending the same tacky one-liners. Yes, a few people. He seemed smart and fun. I think we texted for a few days but I can't remember for sure.

    No, but it would have made me feel even more comfortable meeting him.

    Coffe Meets Bagel Review

    Be open minded - it took a little longer for me but I'm crazy about him now! It seemed like a new and interesting way to meet people, and I think it's much more valuable to be able to actually converse with the other person early on instead of sending messages blindly.

    She seemed like a strong, driven person. I first asked to meet after we chatted on text the first day. We seemed to connect quite quickly, so I don't feel that this factor wasn't as critical. It was good, we chatted for a long while. Not really sure what makes things "official" Don't really have much advice.

    I was lucky to find her very soon after joining, so I don't know what to say. Neither of us have before Q: Yes, I have connected with quite a few other bagels and each resulted differently. Some ended up as friends and some just didn't feel right.

    What's new

    He was tall which is kind of important for me. A lot of matches tend to be a bit short. A bit more on this issue, my sister and I both wished that we can have preferences on heights for the bagel filter because a lot of the times we passed on bagels because of heightand I liked his descriptions of himself and what he was looking for. Because I was out of town for a long time, we did not meet up for about days. He initiated the meet up when I was finally free.

    Advice to other members: You will most definitely not get amazing bagels every day, but there are definitely some quality matches out there. Over time you'll get one, two, or many more good potentials. Be patient, and your true love could be right around the corner.

    Cmb free dating app dating naked episodes online – Mary Farley

    Plus you don't have to do much other than wait for an email at noon every day. So just keep it up! It looked interesting, a nice calm and relaxed way to meet people.

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