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    I will love about the typical side of the depth I the perils.
    Shades of black and white are fine, but these colors may look a bit stark.

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    Skirts Skirts pair nicely with sweater sets, embellished tank tops and summer blouses. Here, you'll have three options: Pencil skirts Flared skirts Tiered Skirts If your skirt has a slit, or is very form fitting, be sure to sit in it prior to taking tea.

    The last thing you want to have happen at the Drake Hotel is to sit down, only to find your friends or family members to have to help you up.

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    Pants There is nothing wrong with wearing pants to high tea, but make sure that the color and fabric of the pant matches the season. In other words, linen works well during the warmer months while heavier fabrics like wool are well suited for the colder months. Is it acceptable to wear jeans to high tea? There's no hard and fast rule that says you can't wear jeans, particularly if they are of the dark and tailored variety.

    However, keep in mind that some hotels, like the Waldorf Astoria in New York, still require men to wear jackets to high tea, so carefully consider the ambiance of the location. You want to stand out for your keen fashion prowess, not because you look inappropriate. Where to Shop Your objective is to look pretty, polished and relaxed when you take tea, and these shopping sites will help you convey the perfect image: Here, reach for the pretty ruffled skirt, the flowing, feminine look of a maxi dress, or the free spirited yet elegant tiered skirts.

    Tread carefully at Victoria's Secret, because you don't want to wear anything that is too short no miniskirts or too revealing plunging necklines.

    You can find wonderful pencil skirts and summer blouses at this shopping site Macy's: Macy's junior's department offers the latest trends for teenagers, but women of all ages can shop this section. Often, doing just that is a good idea, as you can wear a skirt that's already in your closet that you know looks fabulous, but dress it up with a new embellished tank.

    Accessories Accessories can make or break an outfit, so choose yours with care. Jewelry Jewelry is always welcomed, but be sure not to wear too many items at once. An interesting necklace that offsets your attire is a good fit, as are bracelets and small earrings.

    If you find you are already wearing a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet right before attending the tea room, be sure to take off at least one item. Shoes Shoes are an important part of your outfit because they make a statement about who you are and your personality. For high tea, skip the sneakers and instead opt for classic ballet flats. If you love heels, forgo stilettos and go with a stacked style, instead.

    Pretty sandals work quite well and flatter a wide variety of outfits. Relax and Have Fun Indeed, having high tea is a special occasion, and one that you won't soon forget, so choose an outfit that doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles; this is not the time to be tugging at your skirt or pulling up a loose tank top.


    Wear clothes that fit your body well, and that flatter your shape. Above all, choose an outfit that is ladylike, but one that suits your personality. Was this page useful?
    A North Florida Road Trip: George Rush January 19, For years, my idea of hell was a holiday in Florida.


    Safely removed from the anaconda-long lines in Orlando there was said to be a sanctuary of backwater towns, horse farms, heirloom tangerine groves, slouching tin-roofed shacks, and roadside attractions that predated the interstate.

    Wakulla has been attracting tourists for at least 12, years, an estimate scientists based on the trash left by prehistoric campers.

    Infinancier and political kingmaker Edward Ball bought the spring and 4, acres of wilderness around it, building a room Mediterranean Revival hotel now run by the state, the Lodge at Wakulla Springs. Checking in, I found a lobby adorned with Moorish tiles, art deco grillwork, and a heavy-beamed ceiling resplendent with murals depicting scenes of Floridian history and nature.

    Guests got on and off a walnut-paneled cage elevator. They sipped malteds at a foot-long marble soda fountain. In my room, the s furniture made me wonder if Robert Mitchum and Loretta Young were sleeping in the next suite. The next morning, I boarded the first boat tour down the nine-mile Wakulla River.


    Donning a mask and snorkel, I waded into the translucent water. The refracted sunlight had the aquamarine tint of an old Kodachrome slide. Even beneath the surface, Wakulla seemed to drip with nostalgia. I made my way past some blue gill toward the base of a foot-high diving tower where teenagers were jack-knifing and cannonballing.

    Loitering underwater, I watched as each of them plummeted into the cavernous basin, detonating a thousand bubbles, before scrambling back to the surface with a smile. After dusk, I set out on dry land in search of some entertainment. At the end of it, next to a cornfield, a one-story cinderblock building stood under a hoary oak.

    This was the Bradfordville Blues Clubthe latest incarnation of a juke joint that, during the past half-century, has heard the moan and stomp of Little Milton, James Cotton, Bobby Rush, Johnny Winter, and Charlie Mussellwhite, to name a few.

    Inside the walls were festooned with Christmas lights and signed oil portraits of blues deities. Victor Wainwright and the Wildroots were pumping out the blues. Outside, people were eating around a roaring bonfire. The next day, listening to the radio as I drove down US, I heard no Latin music but a lot of country and a lot of preaching.

    Along the road were magnificently rusted trucks and ramshackle barbecue huts. Two hours south of Wakulla Springs, I rolled into High Springs, a small town lined with Victorian and Craftsman homes dating back to the s. At the turn of the century, steam locomotives stopped here to fill up on spring water. When the railroads waned, the town might have dried up, figuratively, if not for its many springs, which lured kayakers and scuba divers.

    Daredevil cave-divers come from all over the world to the limestone mazes under the Ginnie Springs recreational area. Snorkelers and paddlers with ordinary nerve i. Back inWatts fell in love with an out-of-the-way spring named Lily, hidden off the Santa Fe. I wanted to meet Watts. I found Lily Spring on a map. It looked close enough, so I jumped into a canoe and headed up the Santa Fe, passing turtles, wild turkeys, kingfishers, and ibis.

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    Close to dusk, after two hours of stroking against the current, I was ready to turn around when I saw a sign for Lily Spring. I left my cell number and paddled back in the dark. The next day, my phone rang.

    The town of people is the anchor of 13 islands in the Gulf of Mexico, all teaming with wildlife and history. Pirates Jean Lafitte and Captain Kidd once made it their hideout. Naturalist John Muir walked here from Kentucky.
    Janice Kawaye Jennifer "Jenny" Wakeman designation: She is a state-of-the-art robotic protector of Earth, armed with advanced weaponry and devices at her disposal, but wishes to live the life of a normal teenager.

    Throughout the series, she tries to balance her life with duties of a crime-fighter while attending high school and proceeding with teenage endeavors. Contents [ show ] Background Jenny was designed as a teenager of about 16 years of age in design and mentalitybut it was 5 years since she had been created, prior to the events of " I Was a Preschool Dropout ". As her number indicates, she had several prototypeswhom she treats as her "sisters".

    While she was designed as a teenage robot, presumably with the adolescent mind of a year old or so, she did undergo a period of infancy " Humiliation ". As revealed in the same episode, she also spent some of her early years as a more crude, steam-powered robot before being upgraded to her final metallic form. For an uncertain amount of time, she was prevented from leaving the house by her mother, except for the purpose of saving the earth, where she would not be viewed by the general populace.

    Following the events of " It Came from Next Door ", she finally managed to interact with the outside world and make human friends, namely Brad Carbunkle and his younger brother Tuckand later enrolling in Tremorton High School.

    Physical Appearance Normal appearance XJ-9's model plan.

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    Jenny stands at 6. She has blue "pigtails" with bolts connecting them to her head that can act as rocket boosters, blue "bangs", white skin, blue "clothes" a crop top, a miniskirt, and knee socksa belly bolt a bolt that simulates a belly buttonhands with 4 fingers each and center holes, and a "false nose". Jenny has no ears, instead possessing an auditory system "decades ahead of its time" " Ear No Evil ".

    Her body processes are carried out by a fully-functioning metallic brain, to which her eyes are connected " Mind Over Matter ". Her body also contains several access ports for downloading, charging, and other purposes.

    Disguised human appearance Jenny has been able to don a pseudo-human form in her ambition to be a normal teenage girl on two occasions: In "Raggedy Android"Nora designed an Exo-Skin for Jenny to freely go around in public during a amusement park event, but the first prototype skin was rushed in production within a day, which resulted in an exo-skin looking more akin to an old ragdoll and ended up scaring everyone at the park.

    By the end of the episode, she decided to take off the exo-skin and reveal her true nature, and has since been able to blend into society freely as a robot. In " The Return of Raggedy Android ", after the owner of Mezmers refused to serve robots, Jenny goes to Wakeman to use the exo-suit again. This time, Nora had made improvements to the suit to make Jenny look more human; human enough to fool anyone to believe that Jenny was a real girl. However, the skin ended up possessing a mind of its own and began persuading Jenny to act like a "normal girl" by dropping her robotic identity and adopting a persona of a girl more focused on diets and not getting her hands dirty.

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    However, one day as Mezmers was being raided by the Space Bikers and the exo-skin constraining her from confronting the bandits, Jenny poured a chocolate milkshake on herself, making the skin short-circuit and come off, giving Jenny her free will back and being the vigilant hero she has always been. While disguised as a "human", Jenny had light skin with freckles and rosy cheeks. She had red hair tied into two pigtails with black bows. She wore a blue dress with short sleeves, short skirt, white socks and black Mary Jane shoes.

    Personality Thanks to having advanced artificial intelligence, Jenny's personality is that of an eager, young, tomboyish teenager. She desires a sense of freedom but also wants acceptance from her peers.

    Now THAT'S vintage: 5,000 year old Egyptian garment confirmed as world's oldest dress

    She generally possesses a kind personality and likes anything pertaining to teenage activities, but hates it when her mother or her duties get in her way of her enjoyment. Unfortunately, being kind and sweet, she is easily trusting of others and, as a result, can be quite naive. The Crust Cousins, Brit and Tiffhave often taken advantage of this for self-gain or to humiliate Jenny. Despite this, she can nonetheless also be mischievous, careless, and stubborn at times.

    In her duties as a crime fighter and global responder, she is vigilant and determined to get the job done, though she can be reckless and quick to jump the gun in very few instances. Relationships Nora Wakeman Since Dr.

    Nora Wakeman is the one who designed and built Jenny, she comes to view her as her mother. Like some mothers with teenage daughters, Dr. Wakeman and Jenny sometimes argue with each other, but Dr. Wakeman truly loves Jenny as if she was a biological daughter. Wakeman confined Jenny in her bedroom in fear of Jenny possibly not being accepted by society, but when she saw that Jenny made friends after sneaking out of the house, Dr.

    Daisy Duck

    Wakeman decided to give her more freedom. Wakeman would always alert Jenny about any crisis occurring in Tremorton whenever Jenny is out.

    Brad Carbunkle Brad is Jenny's first, best friend. She usually confides in him on her personal feelings and any other emotions she is going through.

    He often gives Jenny advice and helps her on missions and normal teenager activities, while causing trouble of his own. He usually always goes on Jenny's side of things and protects her from any harm, especially with drama at high school.


    They hang out often with each other. Brad is also Tuck's older brother. Tuck Carbunkle Tuck is the first human other than Jenny's mother, whom Jenny has come into contact with. While they first began their relationship in the first season, Tuck often called Jenny a "freaky robot".

    He has grown more and more close to Jenny, though, finding abilities he once feared to be rather "cool". Soon, Tuck and Jenny grow a close bond to the point that Jenny will fly to Tuck's aid whenever she hears him scream, even though Tuck rather abuses this factor in their relationship quite often.

    Tuck learns many morals through Jenny, and in the end, it is very much an older sibling to younger sibling relationship. Although over the seasons, the two grew more accustomed to and close to each other, and Sheldon still often pampers Jenny every chance he gets.

    Jenny sympathizes with Sheldon and his obsession with her, although many times she grows frustrated and exasperated with him since he inadvertently hinders her on some occasions. He has also helped her on many occasions as well, and is known to create for her a plethora of different gadgets ranging from blasters to over-sized pencil sharpeners. The two grew close enough that Jenny would often rely on Sheldon to make minor repairs for her when she had some loose bolts, with Sheldon happily complying since he is a genius mechanical nerd he once stole her blueprints.

    Sheldon has unwavering faith in Jenny due to his love for her, and has saved her life and her reputation as a superhero on quite a few occasions. For this, Jenny is deeply grateful, thanking him with a heartfelt kiss on the cheek at least twice.

    According to series creator Rob Renzettihe intended to eventually bring Jenny and Sheldon together as a couple. First, Jenny was delighted to have a teenage girl friend who could stay on the phone all day long and do normal teenage activities with her. However, in " Teenage Mutant Ninja Troubles " Misty's pranks on the Crust Cousins became extremely cruel and sadistic, and Misty showed a dark, megalomaniacal side of herself in her attempts to terrorize them with their worst fears.

    Because of this, Misty was expelled from Tremorton High School, and her cruel behavior made Jenny to begin to worry that her teen alien friend was becoming villainous. Later, in " Mist Opportunities ", Misty started fighting crime in Tremorton, leaving Jenny relying too much on her and slacking from her duties. However, a fight erupted betweeen the two friends as Misty wouldn't do anything unless the citizens paid her, and let the town get destroyed by a monster without feeling any remorse.

    Jenny, appalled that Misty was being so selfish and heartless, couldn't stand to see people in danger, and the two became bitter enemies at that point. Misty mercilessly beat Jenny up, mocking her cruelly all the while, but when Jenny reminded Misty that she thought they were friends, Misty left in anger, snapping, "The only reason I don't destroy you, is that nobody pays me to do it!

    Brit and Tiff At first Brit and Tiff tried to use Jenny or made fun of her due to her desire to become popular and befriend them. After she saved them from the fire caused by Tiff's hair clip messing with Jenny's ray, they refused to let the police arrest her until Jenny pulled the clip from her hand, which ended up with them being escorted from the school.

    Since then, Brit and Tiff have tried to get revenge or make Jenny miserable. Don Prima Jenny had a big crush on Don and had a habit of blushing when speaking to him.

    However, after going on one date with him, it was revealed to her that he didn't really care about her as a love interest - but instead, he cared about his loafers getting ruined when the two were about to kiss. From there on, the interaction between the two was very minimal. Skyway Patrol Jenny isn't fond with the Skyway Patrol, as the organization often tries to watch over her antics and attempt to shut her down should she be caught in the act of any tomfoolery or reckless behavior.

    Despite both parties have a duty to fighting crime, Jenny is a vigilante in contrast to Skyway Patrol's overbearing amounts of filing paperwork than actual patrolling, which has worked against them in " Last Action Zero ".

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