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  • NEW Chloe Lmao Vine Compilation - Best Viners 2016 !
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  • 35 Times Tumblr Proved Itself To Be The Best Social Media Site Ever In 2014
  • Best Emoji Story
  • NEW Chloe Lmao Vine Compilation - Best Viners 2016 !
  • Amazing Emoji Story

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    Emoji PNG Transparent Images PNG All

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    NEW Chloe Lmao Vine Compilation - Best Viners 2016 !

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    35 Times Tumblr Proved Itself To Be The Best Social Media Site Ever In 2014

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    Best Emoji Story

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    These are called emojis or emoticons and are most commonly found in electronic messages, messaging apps and web pages. Emoji concept has roots dating back to the s when smiley faces, a yellow circle with two black dots for eyes and an arc for a smiling mouth, became popular.

    Though there are thousands of emoji in circulation all over the world, there are many emojis which are specific to Japanese culture and cuisine.

    NEW Chloe Lmao Vine Compilation - Best Viners 2016 !

    The cuisine is represented by emojis of ramen noodles, onigiri, sushi and curry. Emoji have become even more popular after Apple had incorporated them into the design of their iPhone. Android and other mobile operating systems quickly followed suit and also adopted them.

    Instead typing out the usual responses such as bad, inedible or fit for the dogs you can just send back an emoji of a yellow face with a greenish tinge and a grimace on his face. If asked how are you?

    Amazing Emoji Story

    You either send back a thumbs up with a large smiling face or a rope and a face with x for eyes. Instead of using a word sentence use an emoji sentence to express yourself. It is all limited by your imagination. An emoji story is a story that is made entirely using emojis and contain little to no words.

    With hundreds of emojis available today, it is very easy to create an emoji story. However if you are short on time or just lack patience or have the artistic sensibilities of a baboon then you can easily copy and paste emoji stories, emoji art and emoji text messages. These have garnered quite a huge fan following for their subtle and cool appeal that renders it possible for one to express his mood and or emotions through images and icons rather than through words.

    Social media sites such as Facebook and apps such as Whatsapp come with a wide range of emojis, with Facebook releasing new emoji packs every now and then. You can now write your own emoji story with a large collection of emoji pictures.

    Your emoji stories can be funny, meaningful, melancholic or just plain for fun. Emoji art is now a popular art form with increasing number of artists using emojis to craft their masterpieces.

    Storytellers are also expanding rapidly in the relatively new territory of emoji art. If you lack the patience you can also find emoji art to copy and paste from the Internet. Among the hundreds that exist throughout the internet and mobile platforms, some of them have garnered a larger fan following than others. The most popular ones are the smiling face, winking face, face with a frown, red face with a frown, purple face with devil horns smiling, purple face with devil horns frowning, face laughing, face laughing with tears in its eyes.

    Most of these depict funny emojis and among these the laughing face with tears in its eyes has been found to be the most popular by the Oxford Dictionary in As more and more emojis make their mark on the net, the race to become popular becomes even fiercer. How much popularity an emoji will garner depends on how it is used. Their success depends a lot on the imagination and creativity of the user who uses those in his emoji text messages.

    Create funny emoji texts or find funny emoji texts to copy and paste on the Internet. You can also find cool emoji art to copy and paste, apart from sweet emoji text to copy and paste. Plus, the options of emoji text messages copy and paste, inappropriate emoji copy and paste, and sweet emoji copy and paste in your messages makes digital expressions more exciting than ever. Social networking sites such as Facebook have a preset number of emojis for every user and on top of that they have multiple emoji packs for download.

    These range from a wide variety of genres and are tailor made keeping their clients in mind. These emoji packs are free to download and any user, depending on his or her choice, can download these. Many emojis are not included in social network sites and messaging apps and these must be downloaded off the internet. Emojis have no fixed timeline, they prop up whenever and wherever they can, just like mushrooms. To keep yourself updated on new emojis you must keep your social networks and messaging apps updated.

    This is a problem many emoji story writers and emoji art makers face. They may work tirelessly on their latest creation but many might not be able to understand all the symbols and icons and images being used. To solve this problem there exist emoji translators. Emoji translators are a recent development; it was made to better understand the various emojis we see all around us all the time.

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    Emoji PNG Transparent Images PNG All

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