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  • My Experience Being a Single Jehovah's Witness Woman
  • My Experience Being a Single Jehovah's Witness Woman
  • My Experience Being a Single Jehovah's Witness Woman
  • Powerful Ex-Jehovah’s Witness Testimonies
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  • My Experience Being a Single Jehovah's Witness Woman
  • My Experience Being a Single Jehovah's Witness Woman
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    ExJehovah’s Witness Testimonies – 4Jehovah

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    ExJehovah’s Witness Testimonies – 4Jehovah

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    My Experience Being a Single Jehovah's Witness Woman

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    Only in Christ, did Tammie find what she had been looking for. Anne MarieDisfellowshipped but Saved by Jehovah! You might have seen her in the Kingdom Hall.

    My Experience Being a Single Jehovah's Witness Woman

    Her history with the Watchtower goes back over years to the time of her great grandmother. Her family followed the teaching of Russell and became special pioneers, putting in hours a month in door to door ministry, traveling from town to town in the Midwest and showing his photodrama of creation.

    Gloria did not leave the Watchtower because she found out the organization was wrong. Surrendering all to Him, she found the peace and joy she had been looking for all her life, and He even blessed her with a gentle and loving Christian husband to care for her. Acting out at school and rebelling at home, Stephen was kicked out of the house and disfellowshipped from the Kingdom Hall at 18 years of age. Life was a mess and he knew he needed God in his life, so he turned to Jesus Christ and found unexplainable joy and peace!

    At that instance when Julie saw the way elders are trained to cover-up their failures to make the organization look good, her faith in the Society was broken.

    My Experience Being a Single Jehovah's Witness Woman

    She sought reinstatement, but the shunning was too much for her. God took the little girl who was never allowed to celebrate anything and made her into a clown who gets to celebrate everything all the time! Loosing his family and the only friends he had to the Watchtower, where was he to go? Witnessing many injustices meted out by the elders upon congregation members, Jason and Jenny began to see the absolute control the organization has over its members.

    Finding true freedom in Christ, Jason, Jenny and their four children are now free at last! Her adoptive father was an elder for 17 years and her mother was considered one of the anointed.

    Powerful Ex-Jehovah’s Witness Testimonies

    She went door-to-door full time, but to get out of an abusive situation in her home, at 23 years old, she moved in with her boyfriend and was disfellowshipped. CarleneFormer Jehovah's Witness of 20 years Growing up in a Christian home, Carlene enjoyed reading the Bible but was spiritually hungry because her questions were not being answered at her home church.

    But deep inside, she felt unworthy, guilty and fearful of what would happen to her at Armageddon.

    ExJehovah’s Witness Testimonies – 4Jehovah

    Finally, she cried out in desperation: Only in a personal relationship with the Jesus, did David and his wife find what they had been longing for all their lives. I soon gave my life to Christ and was then able to lead my wife Kaci to Christ as well. Now my walk with Jesus is so great. I love my Savior! Was I born this way? But Jehovah had not left her.

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    Doctors and medical reports confirm that he would have survived if he had received the transfusion. Was his death in vain? As he sought to perform according to Watchtower standards, he felt as though he was serving man. PattyLeft 24 years in the Watchtower to find peace and joy in Jesus Patty was Born and raised as a Christian but was never grounded in the Word of God. This left her vulnerable to the deceptive doctrines of the Watchtower.

    In desperation, he cried out to God. Finally, he found hope in Jesus and supernatural strength to overcome his struggles in the grace and power of the Holy Spirit. TressaDisfellowshipped for divorcing her abusive Jehovah's Witness husband, Tressa worked hard to be reinstated but God intervened with His Truth.

    My Experience Being a Single Jehovah's Witness Woman

    Growing up in a Catholic home, all Tressa wanted was for someone to teach her the Bible. Disfellowshipped for divorcing her abusive husband, Tressa was working hard to be reinstated when Jesus found her! Once inside the organization, she began to feel unloved and unaccepted. Why was everyone ignoring and shunning her? There is no other place for me to go! Finally, Betty turned to Jehovah and asked Him where He wanted her to go. Years of striving to make himself acceptable to God and serving in many leadership roles in the organization left Dennis feeling like a hypocrite.

    His conscience simply would not permit him to support the unloving policies he was witnessing in the Watchtower organization. Leaving his leadership position in the Watchtower, Dennis turned to God and found true love in a Christian community where people are accepted, not because of their performance, but because of the ransom sacrifice Jesus Christ applied to all who place their trust in Him alone for eternal life.

    AmberMissing the sense of security in the Watchtower, she sought where to go and found Christ. ReneeGrowing up as a Jehovah's Witness was not easy for her. His answer came in the most unexpected way.

    She now glorifies God for the marvelous way He freed her in Christ! This is when God got a hold of her heart and she learned what salvation in the grace of Jesus Christ is all about. Frank MGrowing up with family members who were Jehovah's Witness pedophiles, he couldn't wait to leave this religion.

    My Experience Being a Single Jehovah's Witness Woman

    By nineteen, Frank had enough, and he left the organization. His grandfather is a Circuit Overseer and his uncles are Presiding Overseers. When his religious faith in the Watchtower crumbled, Aaron turned to Jesus and found the loving God he had searched for all of his life.

    BrendaTraumatized at age 9 by Watchtower control, she didn't know where to turn. In her dreams, people were dying right in front of her and she never felt she was good enough for Jehovah.

    Her father, a Presiding Overseer, did not have time for his family. Rather, his children were made to perform in the organization to make him look good.

    Finding more love and acceptance among her friends outside the organization, she left to find a REAL family who loves her unconditionally. MidgeLack of love in the Jehovah's Witnesses drove her out of the organization into the arms of Jesus. She left and never looked back. AndrewDiscovering the truth about Watchtower history, he left to follow Jesus.

    My choice to leave the organization was strictly based on what I found out about the history of the organization, the roots of its teachings and its contrast with historic Christianity.

    I hope to reach anyone who can identify with my story. Growing up in a dysfunctional single-parent home, Angie longed for stability in her life. What was Angie to do now? MargeryDiscovering Biblical truths that contradicted the Watchtower, she left for the real Truth. The fact that God still loves the Jews and has a plan to bring them into His salvation was the opposite of what she had been taught in the Watchtower.

    Margery knew she had to leave the organization, even if it meant loosing the friends she held so dear. SachaBrutally abused by her Jehovah's Witness husband, she was disfellowshipped for reporting to the police. She filed for divorce and was disfellowshipped because the elders claimed she did not have Scriptural grounds for the divorce.

    Shunned by her family and friends, Sacha moved to a new town and met a Christian man who led her to Christ. BerylAbused by her step father, a Jehovah's Witness elder, she left the religion to find peace in Christ. How could You let this happen? ShereenAfter a failed attempt at suicide from the harsh beatings she endured from her Jehovah's Witness parents, she found help from a trained counselor. Hours and hours of meetings and door-to-door activity, along with harsh beatings at home over failing to live up to smallest expectation of her parents left Shereen with no hope of surviving.

    After a failed attempt at suicide, Shereen finally found help in the hands of a trained counselor. Although she is currently out of the Watchtower organization, her journey for physical, emotional and spiritual healing is far from complete. LBSacrificing a college education to serve the Jehovah's Witness religion, he struggled in life. He regrets that he sacrificed 30 years of his life for the false prophecies of the Watchtower Society. JoeWhen his mind was locked up in Watchtower legalism, he left to find true freedom in Christ.

    I now am free. They are the most joyful Christians I know. KojoDiscovering errors in Watchtower doctrine, he left to follow Jesus. For that matter, he wrote to the Watchtower Headquarters to review those beliefs and teachings. Shortly after this, Kojo discovered that the Watchtower Society does not know Jesus Christ, so he dissociated from the Watchtower Organization to search for Jesus.

    Free Online Meetup - Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses Worldwide!

    Author of the book, The End is Nigh… Again! He now witnesses to inmates in prison who are considering joining the organization and has authored several fictional books about his experiences. This post is also available in:

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    ExJehovah’s Witness Testimonies – 4Jehovah

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