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    Obama team squelched orders to hit back at Russia Daily Mail Online

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    The Putin Files: Victoria Nuland

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    Latest International Headlines

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    December 18, Truth is that was to free the Jew Alan P.


    All this was to free the JEW. This was to tie Cuban government hands promising a Carrot.

    The Putin Files: Victoria Nuland

    December 18, 2: It was noticeable to me in Australia, at the end of last year. They began to push their view through documentaries and movies, on to the Television public. It was aimed specifically for the Christian audience at that partiular time. They showed their revised history regarding their take-over amicably?

    Top International Stories

    Most would viewers believe it. This was followed by a movie of a Jewess who became mistress to a German officer. A rather filty sexual aspect was shown that reminded one of the Talmud. It was a specific episode that old fashioned Christians would never accept. The terrible conclusion was that the Jews were now going for Australia in a big way.

    Sure enough, one of the first foreign visits Poroshenko made, was to Australia. There were many Australians killed when MH17 was downed, as many have proved, by the Ukrainians.

    The press had long ago convinced the majority here that it was the Russians. Australia had been stirred to blaming that innocent people but more particularly a situation had been created whereby P.

    Tony Abbott abused and took Mr. Putin to task quite beligerently. This even before the G20 in Brisbane. The Iranian holding those hostages, was wanted in Iran for a crime. He was out on bail having been charged with murder and sexual assaults. Some regard him as having been a plant for the purpose of stirring up the Moslems in Australia to in-fighting.

    It was not the Russians who placed him here. So who was it? The usual guilty ones who have been creating wars, disasters, disorders and grave troubles all over the Islamic world!

    The real danger is Netanyahu and other Jews of his camp while the Neo Cons in the other block through Obama are pushing the Rothschild schemes.

    This naturally invovles the British and the City of London, the great center of wealth held by the Jews there. Putin engages favorably with Cuba. A few days later, Obama announces diplomatic relationship with Cuba, the first in 50 years.

    Almost simultaneously, he pronounces more sanctions against Russia. The powerful Jews are trying to squeeze Putin tighter and tigher into a corner. Indeed similar words were used in the full book of Esther. The Jews are against all others, all men. So relates that portion missing from the King James Bible. There is a powerful article on line, giving an expose over past centuries to this day as to how the Rothschilds, the Jews, through the British Monarchy and aristocracy mastered situation after situaion, with wars and drug running in China.

    Their power is still there. These enemies of mankind are still there in China. Even India is powerless in certain areas to avoid their grip. Rather, the Brahmins would encourage it as they generally hold the wealth of that country in their hands in all endeavors of industry.


    Their temples are full of gold. One can only hope this Babylon of Jews that are not Jews is soon to fall.

    Obama team squelched orders to hit back at Russia Daily Mail Online

    The many millions of Christians following the wrong gospel of the End Time, who call those who know the truth, Replacement Theologians, need to discover the truth about the Jews and the enslavement of churched millions to this demonic belief that the Jews in Israel are their brothers.

    The billions they give and the trillions their country is providing for Israel is condemning them to their so-called Christian country being ruined by the Anti-Christ Jews who hate and curse them.

    They do not imagine this could be possible! It is apparent that the Jews so deceived the fledgling nation during and after the early Pilgrims arrived, that seeds were sown, having almost come to full fruition at this time. Later generations deepened their regard for Zionism. Their leaders were ready for the End Time message they all now follow.

    They all are possessed and brain-washed by Jewish myths and are completely under Jewish Satanic witchcraft. They sent him in, their dupe to imprison so many churches in their Satanic devices. Now, at long last, after perverse political ploys from the time of even George Washington whom they had assassinated, they have the USA in their Jewish and fiendish grip.

    May God have mercy on them and all who may fall prey to the evil schemers. Ted Gorsline December 18, 3: The idea is to re-establish Jewish organized crime in Cuba to weaken Russia. I know for a fact that Soros meets with Jacob Rothschild at a castle in Scotland to plot their little coups because I know a British soldier who has seen them all fly in at the same time in helicopters along with the head of the international mercenary group that was once called Black Water.

    That group changes its name as often as any Jew. Never watch CNN to get accurate information. Always watch it to see what the guys in black hats are doing.
    Share this article Share In one of his palaces, expensive murals and artwork hung from the walls and rooms were filled with replica 14th century furniture.

    Vast bathrooms with bidets and sunken baths adjoined most sleeping quarters. Now it is a mausoleum, its furniture preserved untouched for 25 years enshrined in glass casings as a momument to the attack. If there was any morsel of sympathy to be gleaned for Gaddafi, it was from the ghostly bedroom of his adopted daughter Hana, who was only a few months old when she was killed in the raid.

    These glass cases protected the bed of Gaddafi's adopted daughter Hana, whose bedroom was a shrine following her death during a U. Debris from reproduction furniture litters one of dictator's palaces within the compound Ransacked: Despite rebels at the gate imploring them not to loot the palaces, many civilians ignored their pleas slashing art and wrecking everything in sight Debris: The man with the golden gun: The most outlandish sight in this whole bizarre fantasyland was the fairground in the gardens.

    Some rebels could not resist posing for pictures in the giant teacup rides and laughing with incredulity that the dictator had taken flight from his own compound. But one could only stare in disbelief at this theme park within a warzone. But his children, his family, have everything. Amid chaotic scenes, as snipers loyal to Gaddafi took pot shots at the looters from high buildings around the compound, people grabbed at anything they could get — sheets, bedding, curtains and whatever else was once owned by Gaddafi.

    Almost every room in the palace had an adjoining bathroom with bidets and baths Expensive: The walls of Gaddafi's palaces were covered in artwork and murals such as this Rebels at the gate implored them not to pillage or destroy the palace, saying it should be kept for the Libyan people.

    A soldier yelled at him to stop, but others shouted him down, saying: They also tore down a massive Bedouin tent, where the tyrant liked to sleep during the hot summer months and before Nato started raining bombs on his compound.

    It had been erected in world capitals during trade visits after supposedly renouncing violence in While one tent was torn down, another — even bigger in scale — was set on fire and razed to the ground. Rebel fighters and civilians browse through Aisha Gaddafi's photo albums Not alone: Rebels also went through the belongs of Gaddafi's daughter Aisha yesterday, as well as posing for photos inside her home Looting: A pair of rebels go through the book cases of Aisha Gaddafi at her home in Tripoli Say cheese!

    A rebel poses for a photo on an ornate chair inside Aisha Gaddafi's home Relaxed: The rebel fighters have made themselves at home Picture perfect: Rebel fighters take a closer look at Aisha Gaddafi's photographs Some spat on the ground as they entered the previously-forbidden zone, but others simply wanted to rejoice at their symbolic victory over a man who had brutally controlled their lives for so long. University student Nidal, 20, said: I will tell my grandchildren of this day.

    This group of Tripoli residents could hardly believe their eyes when they entered Gaddafi's compound yesterday Try these for size: These two rebels examine clothes they want which belong to members of the dictator's family The rebels look through photo albums belonging to family while they also took other items Advertisement Share or comment on this article: Colonel Gaddafi 'kept photos of darling Condoleezza Rice in his lair'.

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