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    Are there any fees?

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    Search by Newspaper Name

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    I will follow along on your journey and learn with you. Reply Janice December 7, at 7: As a breast cancer survivor myself, you are living my biggest fear. I needed to hear your message. Consider me one of the tribe surrounding you with love and healing thoughts. Reply Christine Greer December 7, at 7: You have amazing strength and spirtual beliefs that will support you thru this journey. I will look forward to your blog and know that you are an inspiration to all of us that are trying to discover our purpose.

    You will always remain in my prayers and know God is blessing you. Thank you for sharing your journey and if you ever want to reach out i along with many others will here to support you in any way possible. God Bless and thank you. Reply Leslie December 8, at 5: You will be my life coach. I will keep you in all of my prayers and be with you on this journey. This came at the right time for me.

    You give me hope that I can change my thoughts and reactions. Thank you for sharing. Reply Marilyn Gaffigan December 7, at 7: I can somewhat relate. In I was told I had Lymphoma. In I was told it had come back. I went through treatment again, only a different protocol.

    I truly hope and wish you the very best. I have a great family, friends and a pretty successful career so that helps me from going out of mind with fear and anxiety about cancer and the after effects of the treatments. You are a woman of incredible strength and we will all celebrate with you when you tell us you are cancer free and ready for the next 50 years of your incredible cancer free life with family, friends, and those of us who admire you.

    I will be here sending you amazing amounts of prayers and positive thoughts that will surround you each and every day. Much love to you my new friend in this journey. Reply Claudine December 7, at 8: But here you are opening up for all of us to see how you are really dealing with Cancer.

    Online Dating Sites : About Vancouver Dating Sites

    Continue to give in this way Dana. You are inspiring and there are so many people who are dealing with similar situations who you will be able to help.

    My heart goes out to you and your family! You rely on your Life Coach I believe you said this to Lisa Robertson but now rely on your readers here.

    Be open for all of us to be here for you. Reply Susan Vilas December 7, at 9: Please, during your journey, refer to, The Truth About Cancer.

    What are the Oldest Cities in America United States Hotels & Travel Guide

    It provides a wealth of knowledge from physicians in the US and abroad. Reply Nikki Attarid December 7, at 9: I salute the way you are dealing with this news and wish you love and light on your way.

    Reply Barbara Flynn December 7, at 9: I have been on a lifelong journey to learn self acceptance and my cancer is my own distorted perception of myself. Your video with Lisa touched my heart and I hope to learn from your courage and positive attitude. Stay strong… Reply Karen Williams December 7, at 9: I want to join you on this journey. Thank you Reply Kathleen Murphy December 7, at I will be walking this road with you and hoping that you will gain as much from this experience as we are gaining from your insights.

    May the blessings be! Reply Laura Smith December 8, at 4: I am with you, in love and light.

    What are the Oldest Cities in America United States Hotels & Travel Guide

    Reply Lynne briscoe December 8, at 6: Reply Daisy Cutajar December 8, at 7: God bless you always Reply Julie Koopman December 8, at 7: Thank you for sharing your blessings with all of us. Reply Elaine Jacques December 8, at Some of us have not been on this journey directly but have been along side a dear friend or in my case friends and it is very hard for sure. Your approach is how I would like to be able to handle every medical situation for myself, family and my friends.

    I will be along with you and send good prayers and thoughts your way! You will inspire many that I can tell you for sure. Reply Paula Marie Vento December 8, at 2: I had Uterune Cancer this last summer. Went through radiation, had my sister and brother by my side. I too felt so alone at night during quiet times in life. I will follow you and pray for you and lift you up from afar. I believe a lot of woman can relate to what you went thru the first time as have I. Cancer has changed my life, it has a way of doing that, but I am a survivor as you will be.

    Sending positive energy your way and look forward to hearing about your progress on this journey. I had throat radiation as a baby for what they said was an enlarged thymus gland. At 78, I have missed that — but have a chronic cough. Reply Linda Lee Smith December 8, at 8: I look forward to learning from you. Thank you so much. Reply Andrea Duckworth December 8, at Blessings to you and your family!

    What are the Oldest Cities in America United States Hotels & Travel Guide

    Reply ann December 8, at My father, like you, was very determined to not let it define him and it did not. He lived many years with the cancer and touched many lives by being an inspiration.

    I believe in miracles but mostly I have faith in God.

    Online Dating Sites : About Vancouver Dating Sites

    You will be in my prayers. Reply Betty Andriano December 9, at 8: I have been fortunate with early diagnosis in each case and no chemo or radiation, just surgeries.

    You are such an inspiration! Cancer has changed my life but there is still a lot that I have to learn. Thank you for sharing! Reply valerie cox December 9, at My mom died on october 10th of lung cancer, and just all the invasive tests alone were so hard on her, and she was afraid of the treatments too, so she opted not to treat it. We didnt get the choice to treat it early, even thought it was found early. The hospital forgot to tell us, we found out at her appt with a lung surgeon, when it was to late to really do anything but buy her a few months being sick, that there was a image taken of my moms lung and just a small nodule not even a mass yet,7 months prior, and we were never told.

    LibrarySearch: Search Newspapers for Your Topic

    God how i wish we had known. Maybe she would still be here with me, and i wouldnt be suffering this loss. But i am inspired Dana by your willingness to confront the fear, and say what am i afraid of, i have been paralyzed by fear, and when i listen to you speak it reminds me to think of that, and to stay in the moment.

    I have something else going on with me and my body at the same time i am grieving my mom, so i am thankful your sharing your journey with us all so maybe we can heal with you. Reply Mary Jo Krenek December 9, at 8: I am also a cancer survivor.

    What are the Oldest Cities in America United States Hotels & Travel Guide

    Without my personal relationship with Jesus Christ I would not have made it. He is our healer, our peace, our rock that we go and cling too, praying for a complete and total healing for you!

    You are a inspiration, blessings to you and your family. Reply Pilar December 9, at I am with you and for all people like you. If you would like to speak about your journey in other forums and help on my journey to increase access to drugs for cancer, let me know.
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