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  • BUZZFEED STRIKES AGAIN: the Cringiest Video Yet!
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  • BUZZFEED STRIKES AGAIN: the Cringiest Video Yet!
  • BUZZFEED STRIKES AGAIN: the Cringiest Video Yet!
  • BUZZFEED STRIKES AGAIN: the Cringiest Video Yet!

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    BUZZFEED STRIKES AGAIN: the Cringiest Video Yet!

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    A flush toilet bowl during the flushing action Typical sound of a flush toilet A typical flush toilet is a fixed, vitreous ceramic bowl also known as a pan which is connected to a drain.

    After use, the bowl is emptied and cleaned by the rapid flow of water into the bowl. This flush may flow from a dedicated tank cisterna high-pressure water pipe controlled by a flush valve, or by manually pouring water into the bowl. Tanks and valves are normally operated by the user, by pressing a button, pulling a lever or pulling a chain.

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    The water is directed around the bowl by a molded flushing rim around the top of the bowl or by one or more jets, so that the entire internal surface of the bowl is rinsed with water.

    Mechanical flush from a cistern[ edit ] A typical toilet has a tank fixed above the bowl which contains a fixed volume of water. When the user operates the flush, the entire contents of the tank are discharged rapidly into the toilet bowl, causing the contents of the bowl to be swept or sucked out of the toilet and into the drain. The water may be discharged through a "toilet flapper valve" not to be confused with a type of check valve or through a siphon.

    At the end of the flush, an automatic valve opens to allow the tank to be refilled ready for the next flush. Mechanical flush from a high pressure water supply[ edit ] Toilets without cisterns are often flushed through a simple flush valve or "Flushometer" connected directly to the water supply.

    These are designed rapidly to discharge a limited volume of water when the lever or button is pressed then released. Manual flush pour flush [ edit ] Another variant of the flush toilet is the pour-flush toilet. The flushing can use as little as 2—3 litres.

    The toilet can be connected to one or two pits, in which case it is called a "pour flush pit latrine " or a "twin pit pour flush pit latrine". It can also be connected to a septic tank. Flushing systems[ edit ] The flushing system provides a large flow of water into the bowl. They normally take the form of either fixed tanks of water or flush valves.

    Flush tanks[ edit ] Flush tanks or cisterns usually incorporate a mechanism to release water from the tank and an automatic valve to allow the cistern to be refilled automatically. The tank typically collects between 6 and 17 litres 1. The storage tank is usually mounted directly upon the bowl, although some tanks are mounted on the wall a few feet above the bowl in an attempt to increase the flush water pressure as it enters the bowl.

    Tanks near the ceiling are flushed by means of a dangling pull chainoften with a large ornate handle, connected to a flush lever on the cistern itself. A similar German expression is Wasser ziehen "to pull water". Older installations, known as "high suite combinations", used a high-level cistern tankfitted above head height. When more modern close-coupled cistern and bowl combinations were first introduced, these were first referred to as "low suite combinations".

    Modern versions have a neater-looking low-level cistern with a lever that the user can reach directly, or a close-coupled cistern that is even lower down and fixed directly to the bowl. Tank fill valve[ edit ] The ballcock or float valve is often used to regulate the filling of a tank or cistern. When the fluid level drops, the float descends, levering the valve opening and allowing more fluid to enter. Once the float reached the 'full' position, the arm presses the valve shut again.

    Tank fill valves are found in all tank-style toilets. The valves are of two main designs: The side-float design has existed for over a hundred years. The concentric design has only existed sincebut is gradually becoming more popular than the side-float design. The side-float design uses a float on the end of a lever to control the fill valve. The float is usually shaped like a ball, so the mechanism is often called a ball-valve or a ballcock cock in his context is an alternative term for valve; see, for example, stopcock.

    The float was originally made from copper sheet, but it is now usually plastic. The float is located to one side of the main valve tower or inlet at the end of a rod or arm. As the float rises, so does the float-arm. The arm connects to the fill valve that blocks the water flow into the toilet tank, and shuts off the water when the float reaches a set height. This maintains a constant level in the tank.

    One type of concentric float valve. The concentric float valve opens when the fluid level is low, allowing more fluid to enter Figure 1. When the fluid level returns to the full level, the valve is shut Figure 2.

    The newer concentric-float fill valve consists of a tower which is encircled by a plastic float assembly. Operation is otherwise the same as a side-float fill valve, even though the float position is somewhat different.

    By virtue of its more compact layout, interference between the float and other obstacles tank insulation, flush valve, and so on is greatly reduced, thus increasing reliability.

    The concentric-float fill valve is also designed to signal to users automatically when there is a leak in the tank, by making much more noise when a leak is present than the older style side-float fill valve, which tends to be nearly silent when a slow leak is present.

    Flapper-flush valve[ edit ] A traditional gravity toilet tank concluding the flush cycle. As the water level in the tank drops, the flush valve flapper falls back to the bottom, stopping the main flow to the flush tube. Because the tank water level has yet to reach the fill line, water continues to flow from the tank and bowl fill tubes.

    When the water again reaches the fill line, the float will release the fill valve shaft and water flow will stop. To flush the toilet, the user pushes a lever, which lifts the flush valve from the valve seat. The valve then floats clear of the seat, allowing the tank to empty quickly into the bowl.

    As the water level drops, the floating flush valve descends back to the bottom of the tank and covers the outlet pipe again.

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    This system is common in homes in the US and in continental Europe. Recently this flush system has also become available in the UK due to a change in regulations [6]. Dual flush versions of this design are now widely available.

    They have one level of water for liquid waste and a higher level for solid waste. In countries such as AustraliaIsraelSingapore or Germany which either have limitations on water consumption or where people are keen to save water, dual flush toilets are now common in both homes and public washrooms.

    Siphon-flush mechanism[ edit ] A simplified diagram of a siphonic WC cistern. The siphon is formed of a vertical pipe 1 that links the flush pipe 2 to a domed chamber 3.

    A perforated disc 4 covered by a flexible plate or flap 5 is joined by the siphon rod 6 to the flush lever 7. This system, invented by Albert Giblin and common in the UKuses a storage tank similar to that used in the flapper-flush-valve system above.

    Some would argue, however, that any system of regulating the flow of a fluid is still technically a valve. The siphon is formed of a vertical pipe that links the flush pipe to a domed chamber inside the cistern. A perforated disc, covered by a flexible plate or flap, is fitted inside this chamber and is joined by a rod to the flush lever.

    Pressing the lever raises the disc, forces water over the top of the siphon into the vertical pipe, and starts the siphonic flow.

    BUZZFEED STRIKES AGAIN: the Cringiest Video Yet!

    Water flows through the peforated disc past the flap until the cistern is empty, at which point air enters the siphon and the flush stops. The advantage of a siphon over the flush valve is that it has no sealing washers that can wear out and cause leaks, so it is favoured in places where there is a need to conserve water.

    Until 1st Januarythe use of siphon-type cisterns was mandatory in the UK [8] to avoid the potential waste of water by millions of leaking toilets with flapper valves but due to EU harmonisation the regulations have changed. These valves can sometimes be more difficult to operate than a "flapper"-based flush valve because the lever requires more torque than a flapper-flush-valve system.

    BUZZFEED STRIKES AGAIN: the Cringiest Video Yet!

    This additional torque required at the tank lever is due to the fact that a user must forcefully lift a certain amount of water up into the siphon passageway in order to initiate the siphon action in the tank.

    Splitting or jamming of the flexible flap covering the perforated disc can also cause the cistern to go out of order. Dual flush versions of the siphon cistern provide a shorter flush option by allowing air into the siphon to stop the siphonic action before the tank is empty. The siphon system can also be combined with an air box to allow multiple siphons to be installed in a single trough cistern. High-pressure or pressure-assisted tanks[ edit ] Sloan pressure vessel This system uses water main pressure to pre-pressurize a tank.

    These may be located inside what otherwise appears to be the more typical ceramic flush tank. A flush cycle begins each time a user flushes the bowl. After a user flushes and the water in the pre-pressurized tank has finished emptying into the bowl, the outlet valve in the plastic tank shuts.

    Then the high pressure water from the main refills the plastic tank. Inside the tank is an air-filled balloon-like rubber diaphragm. As the higher-pressure mains water enters the tank, the rubber diaphragm is also pressurized and shrinks accordingly. During flushing, the compressed air inside the diaphragm pushes the water into the bowl at a flow rate which is significantly higher than a tank style gravity-flow toilet. This system requires less water than a gravity-flow toilet- or alternatively can be more effective for a similar amount of water.

    Pressure-assist toilets are sometimes found in both private single, multiple, and lodging bathrooms as well as light commercial installations such as offices. They seldom clog, but the pressurized tanks require replacement about once every 10 years.

    They also tend to be noisier - a possible concern for residential settings. Pressure-assist toilets from several companies use 1. New toilets that use similar pressure-assist technology along with a bowl and trapway designed to enhance the siphon effect use only 0. Tankless style with high-pressure flushometer valve[ edit ] Main article: Flushometer InWilliam Sloan first made his "flushometer" style toilet flush valve, incorporating his patented design, [10] available to the public.

    The design proved to be very popular and efficient, and remains so to this day. Flushometer toilet flush valves are still often installed in commercial restrooms, and are frequently used for both toilets and urinals. Since they have no tank, they have zero recharge time, and can be used immediately by the next user of the toilet.

    They can be easily identified by their distinctive chrome pipe-work, and by the absence of a toilet tank or cistern, wherever they are employed. Some flushometer models require the user to either depress a lever or press a button, which in turn opens a flush valve allowing mains-pressure water to flow directly into the toilet bowl or urinal.

    Other flushometer models are electronically triggered, using an infrared sensor to initiate the flushing process.

    BUZZFEED STRIKES AGAIN: the Cringiest Video Yet!

    Typically, on electronically triggered models, an override button is provided in case the user wishes to manually trigger flushing earlier. Some electronically triggered models also incorporate a true mechanical manual override which can be used in the event of the failure of the electronic system.

    In retrofit installations, a self-contained battery-powered or hard-wired unit can be added to an existing manual flushometer to flush automatically when a user departs.

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