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  • Alex Rodriguez Honors Baseball Fan Who Died While Booing Him
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  • Alex Rodriguez Honors Baseball Fan Who Died While Booing Him
  • Honoring the contributions that Chicago has made to America's favorite pastime.
  • Alex Rodriguez Honors Baseball Fan Who Died While Booing Him

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    14 Comments on “Clayne Crawford Biography”

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    Major League Baseball Team Histories

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    Major League Baseball Team Histories

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    Alex Rodriguez Honors Baseball Fan Who Died While Booing Him

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    Take the plunge in a jumpsuit like Nicki's

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    Major League Baseball Team Histories

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    A downtown location with novel use of its surroundings, and a lively atmosphere, bolstered by a freshly energized fan base. And then there's the ballpark itself, a sparkling new palace with enough unique features to leave a distinct impression, while tossing in a few major-league caliber extras seats are angled towards home plate, 12 luxury boxes.

    Jacksonville is, after all, the largest city in the United States land size-wise with a metro population around one million folks. So it stands to reason that their new baseball stadium should shine in comparison to many of it's Double-A brethren, located in cities a tenth its size. In between lies the classically named Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville, a beauty of a ballyard that will no doubt catch your eye with its visually appealing brick exterior.

    The ballpark's interior is even more impressive. Seats run from the home team dugout at third base all the way to the right field foul pole and continue from there as bleachers that extend into deep right-center field. The lawn seating available just past third base and berm seating in left field makes the Grounds one of the few ballparks that you can actually walk all the way around, and the outfield vantage points are unique for the Double-A level.

    There are many great perspectives from the ballpark's berm section, as fans can lean up against the outfield wall like Winter Havenwhich only comes up mid-waist high on most people. The no-seat back lawn seating down the left field line is directly behind the home team's bullpen. The Suns also have an interesting quirk in straight-away center, where a full-length see through chain link fence replaces ten panels of the regular opaque fence.

    Hence, the center fielder can actually run into fans if he crashes into the wall while chasing a fly ball. Jacksonville is also one of the few minor league ballparks with a large diamond-vision screen, although they only showed replays of between innings contests. The large main scoreboard itself, in which the screen was embedded, features a grandfather-style clock on top. But you don't have to actually enter the Grounds to be able to watch the game. The only thing behind the berm seating in left field and the sidewalk on the outside is an iron fence with thin gates allowing for a perfect view of the action.

    A quick walk around the outside of the Grounds will lead you to the fully-covered walkway with brick pillars on the first-base side of the ballpark, which lead to the only ticket windows and Jacksonville's main annoyance.

    Chicago Baseball History

    With only five windows available, the waiting time to purchase walk-up tickets reached 20 minutes for a Saturday night game. Only the main gate behind homeplate was open, despite having entrances behind third base and the right-center field bleachers.

    The Grounds attain much of its uniqueness from the structures that exist outside of the ballpark that are visible from the many different vantage points fans in Jacksonville are afforded. The most dominant optical eye candy is behind the right field fence: Alltel Stadium, which in addition to hosting the Jaguars is the site of the annual Georgia-Florida game and in hosts the Super Bowl, which is already hyped as much as the Olympics are in the years leading up to the Games' start at their respective destinations.

    Recognizing that a large 73,seat football stadium isn't exactly the stuff post cards are made of, your eyes quickly dart back and forth between the two large iron bridges that rise from either side of the football stadium, crossing the nearby St. When night descends, the display of car tail lights from the bridges pulsate in the distance like the Citgo sign in Boston.

    Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Grounds is that it was built around a church - yes, a church - that has stood for over years. From all vantage points from the first base seating bowl and outwards, the Old St.

    Alex Rodriguez Honors Baseball Fan Who Died While Booing Him

    Andrew's Church stands out like a beacon just beyond the beginning of the outfield grass behind third base.

    Nevermind that the Jacksonville Historical Society purchased the church in and it no longer officially represents its original Episcopal denomination. The people of Jacksonville must feel blessed to have a new ballpark, as they've set an all-time season attendance record in the Grounds first year.

    Honoring the contributions that Chicago has made to America's favorite pastime.

    After upgrading to a new ballpark, Jacksonville has their sights on a higher classification of professional baseball. The Grounds seat the Triple-A minimum of 10, and rumors have swirled that the Suns could soon be the AAA affiliate of the Dodgers, who are unhappy with the facilities their current team has in Las Vegas.

    Outdated facilities was one of the reasons that the Grounds replaced the previous home of the Suns, Wolfson Park, which was the oldest stadium in the Southern League by nearly 30 years prior to it's demolition following the season.

    If the Suns do make the jump up the professional ladder they would be returning to their affiliated roots, as the Suns began their inception in as a Triple-A franchise. Courtesy of a new ballpark, baseball's future in Jacksonville has never been brighter.

    Alex Rodriguez Honors Baseball Fan Who Died While Booing Him

    Parking Plenty of parking is available within a short walk of the ballpark. The Dice Roll A person in the press box drops two oversized dice down the home plate protective screening.

    While they descend, one fan guesses the number while the other picks whether the result will be over or under. Original construction cost for Wolfson Park The previous record wasset in By comparison, the NFL's Jaguars drewfans in Professional baseball has been played in Jacksonville sinceand continuously sincedating back to the Tars of the South Atlantic League. The Suns joined the Southern League in Jacksonville Info City Population:

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