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  • "I Used A Dating Site Once. NEVER AGAIN"

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    Indianapolis Singles, IN

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    Indianapolis Dating Site, Free Online Dating in Indianapolis, IN

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    "I Used A Dating Site Once. NEVER AGAIN"

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    National Archives photo N As we near the centennial of the loss of Cyclops, it is appropriate to remember the ship, her officers, and crew and to review their valuable contributions. Navy was in transition from coal burning warships to ships powered by oil. Dependence on foreign coal and foreign ships to transport that coal were major concerns.

    During the first fifteen years of the twentieth century, the U.

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    Navy commissioned a dozen colliers. Some were converted to other types. Overview of Loss — The Last Voyage Cyclops, the only ship of her class, was engaged in the transportation of bulk cargo to and from the United States to Brazil in early On 9 Januaryshe was assigned to Naval Overseas Transportation Service, departing Norfolk the day before with 9, tons of coal for English ships in the South Atlantic.

    Rather than proceeding directly to Baltimore, as scheduled, Cyclops deviated to Barbados, arriving on 3 March At this port she was about 1, nautical miles from destination. This was confirmed by a survey board, which recommended that the ship return to the U. There were suggestions that the ship was overloaded when she departed Brazil. Certainly, the addition of more coal in her bunkers and water at Barbados may have offset any reduction in draft achieved during the voyage north.

    Post-sinking investigations in Rio concluded that the ship had been heavily loaded. She had no prior experience carrying ore. Cyclops departed Barbados for Baltimore on 4 March but never was seen again. It was improbable that Cyclops was off Virginia on that date because she was not due at Baltimore until 13 March, and her speed of advance was reduced to about nautical miles per day because of the unseaworthy engine.

    The weather off the Virginia Capes on the following day, 10 Marchreportedly was violent. In any event, Cyclops failed to arrive at Baltimore and no wreckage has ever been found. Absent direct proof it appears most likely that a synergy of events caused the loss of Cyclops. The ship was operating on a single shaft because of the cracked cylinder.

    This reduced her speed and maneuverability and left Cyclops at risk of greater damage if she were to suffer a further engineering casualty. She was loaded deeply, at or beyond her marks. This cargo was new to the ship and it is not clear that the officers, crew, and stevedores in Brazil knew how to properly load, stow, and trim the ore. There have been reports that she previously suffered hull damage due to a coal fire, hull failures, or separation of pipes, or hull and strength members.

    She also had problems with extreme rolls. On at least one occasion it was reported that her cargo had shifted. This process may have been unperceivable to the bridge watch, particularly if it occurred during dark or extreme weather; they would have little notice that the ship was about to sink. If Cyclops had not previously lost her remaining engine, she may have continued to steam along driving the bow underwater, alternatively she capsized.

    Barrash, the author of the definitive study of the ship titled simply USS Cyclops[5. Roosevelt Presidential Library, where it has been for over 70 years.

    More than 90 years after the loss of the ship, naval postmark and cover collectors have been introduced to this unique cover. Cyclops had a post office on board for about seven months, from mid-July, when she returned from France, until her sinking.

    During that time she made a brief voyage to Nova Scotia and undertook her fatal cruise to Brazil. It is likely that Cyclops was carrying the fleet mail from Brazil to the United States when she disappeared. But the single, surviving cover with her postmark was dated 28 Januarythe day of her arrival at Rio. Following the April declaration of War by the U.

    She joined a convoy for St. Nazaire, France, in Junereturning to the east coast in July. Except for a voyage to Halifax, Nova Scotia, she served along the east coast until 8 January when she departed for Brazil with coal. To a small group of collectors of naval postmarks, there has been a similar, but less morbid, mystery arising out of the loss of Cyclops. The first reported postmark from Cyclops, dated inwas identified to collectors in the mids by a leading illustrator and student of naval postmarks.

    A copy of that postmark never has been published.

    Indianapolis Dating Site, Free Online Dating in Indianapolis, IN

    Inhowever, the same man help publish a Handbook of Naval Postmarks containing his illustration of a Cyclops postmark. For 60 years that postmark was advertised to be the rarest naval postmark, the only known example of a cancellation from Cyclops. Byhowever, it was revealed that the Cyclops postmark was a fake. Roosevelt Presidential Library since Thanks to the diligence and scholarship of Captain Creekman and Mr.

    Barrash, collectors now are able to appreciate that postmark. This has been labeled a Locy Type 3 cancel. Rubber hand stamp Type 3 cancels were issued beginning in C 32 and content. Asper, who also was lost with the ship. For more than 80 years there have been organized collectors of postmarks and markings from U. The membership is worldwide and has included disabled veterans, flag officers, career sailors, new recruits on active duty, retirees, Pearl Harbor survivors, commanding officers, Coast Guardsmen, Marines, Chaplains, postal clerks Navy Mail Clerksretirees, civilians, women, children, even incarcerated prisoners, and Air Force veterans.

    We are a worldwide, eclectic group of collectors who carry on a hobby that began before most of us were born. If you have served in the U. Naval post offices have been in existence since the cruise of the Great White Fleet,when they were authorized by Congress Act of May 27, Master Chief John P.

    It transports mail efficiently and inexpensively at least for the senders to and from ships around the world. The primary purpose of the postal system is to transmit official and personal mail to and from the deployed fleet. A Sailor or Marine can send mail at the prevailing US domestic rate no matter where stationed. In the early twentieth century Sailors were part of a world-wide post card craze.

    Новые знакомства в г. Индианаполис

    Like email of a later era, postcards were brief and inexpensive ways to communicate. While they were not instantaneous, post cards often carried photographs or illustrations of distant and exotic places; destinations that many could only dream about. Sailors and Marines, of course, had unsurpassed opportunities to visit ports around the world.

    The cruise of the Great White Fleet was a seminal event in the operational reach and scope of the U.

    What A Few Of Our Members Had To Say About Their Experience

    During the round-the-world cruise, sailors sent penny postcards from foreign ports which were posted aboard the ships. The actual collecting of naval postmarks probably began after the return of the battleships from the cruise. During the s, collectors would join together and form the Universal Ship Cancellation Society, now in its ninth decade.

    To the contrary, they tend to be strong proponents of new ships and since the early s have celebrated shipbuilding events keel laying, launching or christening, and commissioning with cacheted commemorative envelopes. They have thrived during the cruises of USS Constitution, the Two-Ocean shipbuilding programs of the late s, the massive first nuclear ship construction programs from the late s through the middle s, the space recovery programs of Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo during the s and s.

    Collectors have been students of different types and styles of postmarks and an elaborate system of classifying postmarks was created in the late s by a Navy doctor, Lieutenant Commander Francis E. Marine Corps during World War I. This is on an envelope sent by a crewmember when Cyclops was in port in Brazil. Cyclops was not in commission until World War I and her post office was not opened until mid-July Face and reverse of envelope addressed to Cyclops crewmember lost with the ship.

    The fake Cyclops Type 1 postmark counterfeited by John E.

    "I Used A Dating Site Once. NEVER AGAIN"

    In the s an early student of naval postmarks, John Gill of Massachusetts, reported that he had found the first cover from Cyclops. Now it understood that this Cyclops postmark was a forgery or fraud. That full cover was never copied and accounts varied from merely a postmark on a full cover or a post card.

    Importantly, the postmark initially was reported to be dated and subsequently the date was changed to The Handbook of Naval Postmarks lists the cancel as a Type 1 postmark dated No further information about the ship was listed. In the Catalogue, published in a Billig Philatelic Handbook, the cancel was listed again, but this time with a year date of This edition reported that the ship was commissioned on 7 Novemberand her post office was established on 20 February A post office closing date of 1 March is given, presumably the date of the last month-end report the Postal Clerk had sent in while they were still in port in Barbados.

    Indianapolis Dating Site, Free Online Dating in Indianapolis, IN

    Gill provided a drawing of the cancel, the very first illustration in the discussion of cancel types. It eventually became featured in the explanation of the Locy Type Chart as the example of a basic Type 1 cancel Figure 7.

    She is also not listed in the Postal Guides during this period. When someone pointed out that his year date seemed odd, since the standard cancel that year would have been a Type 3, not a Type 1, he changed the date toand then produced a drawing to prove it. It would also appear that the post office establishment date was pure fiction, to justify the cancel.

    Although many people have written about seeing the cover over the years, no full description of it has ever been published. I believe that we must accept the truth that the famed CYCLOPS cover, too, was made by Gill himself from a metal printing plate on an old unused stamped envelope. Query, why would Mr. There should have been a significant volume of mail for official business, primarily to the Bureaus at OpNav, and to and from family and friends.

    There are multiple factors why the envelopes with postmarks from the ship were not preserved. World War I was before collecting covers became a hobby.

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    Indianapolis Dating Site, Free Online Dating in Indianapolis, IN

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