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    Nigerian Port Authority (NPA) Nigeria Compliance

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    A Abbreviations This information is included in Appendix A: Abbreviationswhich includes all abbreviations and acronyms used in the Factbook, with their expansions.

    Acronyms An acronym is an abbreviation coined from the initial letter of each successive word in a term or phrase. In general, an acronym made up of more than the first letter of the major words in the expanded form is rendered with only an initial capital letter Comsat from Communications Satellite Corporation; an exception would be NAM from Nonaligned Movement.

    Administrative divisions This entry generally gives the numbers, designatory terms, and first-order administrative divisions as approved by the US Board on Geographic Names BGN.

    Chat with Singles, Meet Someone Special - Love Is Kind, Love Is God.

    Changes that have been reported but not yet acted on by the BGN are noted. Geographic names conform to spellings approved by the BGN with the exception of the omission of diacritical marks and special characters. Age structure This entry provides the distribution of the population according to age. Information is included by sex and age group as follows: The age structure of a population affects a nation's key socioeconomic issues. Countries with young populations high percentage under age 15 need to invest more in schools, while countries with older populations high percentage ages 65 and over need to invest more in the health sector.

    The age structure can also be used to help predict potential political issues. For example, the rapid growth of a young adult population unable to find employment can lead to unrest. Agriculture - products This entry is an ordered listing of major crops and products starting with the most important. Airports This entry gives the total number of airports or airfields recognizable from the air. The runway s may be paved concrete or asphalt surfaces or unpaved grass, earth, sand, or gravel surfaces and may include closed or abandoned installations.

    Airports or airfields that are no longer recognizable overgrown, no facilities, etc. Note that not all airports have accommodations for refueling, maintenance, or air traffic control. Airports - with paved runways This entry gives the total number of airports with paved runways concrete or asphalt surfaces by length. For airports with more than one runway, only the longest runway is included according to the following five groups - 1 over 3, m over 10, ft2 2, to 3, m 8, to 10, ft3 1, to 2, m 5, to 8, ft4 to 1, m 3, to 5, ftand 5 under m under 3, ft.

    Only airports with usable runways are included in this listing. Not all airports have facilities for refueling, maintenance, or air traffic control.

    The type aircraft capable of operating from a runway of a given length is dependent upon a number of factors including elevation of the runway, runway gradient, average maximum daily temperature at the airport, engine types, flap settings, and take-off weight of the aircraft. Airports - with unpaved runways This entry gives the total number of airports with unpaved runways grass, dirt, sand, or gravel surfaces by length.

    Appendixes This section includes Factbook-related material by topic. Area This entry includes three subfields. Area - comparative This entry provides an area comparison based on total area equivalents. Most entities are compared with the entire US or one of the 50 states based on area measurements revised provided by the US Bureau of the Census. Background This entry usually highlights major historic events and current issues and may include a statement about one or two key future trends.

    Birth rate This entry gives the average annual number of births during a year per 1, persons in the population at midyear; also known as crude birth rate. The birth rate is usually the dominant factor in determining the rate of population growth. It depends on both the level of fertility and the age structure of the population. Broadcast media This entry provides information on the approximate number of public and private TV and radio stations in a country, as well as basic information on the availability of satellite and cable TV services.

    Budget This entry includes revenues, expenditures, and capital expenditures. These figures are calculated on an exchange rate basis, i. Normalizing the data, by dividing the budget balance by GDP, enables easy comparisons across countries and indicates whether a national government saves or borrows money. Countries with high budget deficits relative to their GDPs generally have more difficulty raising funds to finance expenditures, than those with lower deficits. Capital This entry gives the name of the seat of government, its geographic coordinates, the time difference relative to Coordinated Universal Time UTC and the time observed in Washington, DC, and, if applicable, information on daylight saving time DST.

    Where appropriate, a special note has been added to highlight those countries that have multiple time zones. Carbon dioxide emissions from consumption of energy This entry is the total amount of carbon dioxide, measured in metric tons, released by burning fossil fuels in the process of producing and consuming energy.

    Meet The Phenomenal Nigerian Ports Authority Boss.

    Central bank discount rate This entry provides the annualized interest rate a country's central bank charges commercial, depository banks for loans to meet temporary shortages of funds. Child labor - children ages This entry gives the percent of children aged or the age range specified engaged in child labor.

    It refers to work that is mentally, physically, socially, or morally dangerous and harmful to children. Such labor may deprive them of the opportunity to attend school, oblige them to leave school prematurely, or require them to combine school attendance with excessively long and heavy work.

    Children under the age of 5 years underweight This entry gives the percent of children under five considered to be underweight. Underweight means weight-for-age is approximately 2 kg below for standard at age one, 3 kg below standard for ages two and three, and 4 kg below standard for ages four and five. This statistic is an indicator of the nutritional status of a community.

    Citizenship This entry provides information related to the acquisition and exercise of citizenship; it includes four subfields: The majority of countries adhere to this practice. In some cases, citizenship is conferred through the father or mother exclusively. Many states do not permit dual citizenship and the voluntary acquisition of citizenship in another country is grounds for revocation of citizenship.

    Holding dual citizenship makes an individual legally obligated to more than one state and can negate the normal consular protections afforded to citizens outside their original country of citizenship. In most countries citizenship can be acquired through the legal process of naturalization. The requirements for naturalization vary by state but generally include no criminal record, good health, economic wherewithal, and a period of authorized residency in the state.

    This time period can vary enormously among states and is often used to make the acquisition of citizenship difficult or impossible. Civil aircraft registration country code prefix This entry provides the one- or two-character alphanumeric code indicating the nationality of civil aircraft. Article 20 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation Chicago Conventionsigned inrequires that all aircraft engaged in international air navigation bear appropriate nationality marks.

    The aircraft registration number consists of two parts: The prefix codes are based upon radio call-signs allocated by the International Telecommunications Union ITU to each country. Climate This entry includes a brief description of typical weather regimes throughout the year.

    Coastline This entry gives the total length of the boundary between the land area including islands and the sea. Commercial bank prime lending rate This entry provides a simple average of annualized interest rates commercial banks charge on new loans, denominated in the national currency, to their most credit-worthy customers.

    Nigerian Port Authority (NPA) Nigeria Compliance

    Communications This category deals with the means of exchanging information and includes the telephone, radio, television, and Internet host entries. Communications - note This entry includes miscellaneous communications information of significance not included elsewhere. The history subfield includes the dates of previous constitutions and the main steps and dates in formulating and implementing the latest constitution.

    The main steps in creating a constitution and amending it usually include the following steps: In many countries this process is lengthy. A few countries including Canada, Israel, and the UK have no single constitution document, but have various written and unwritten acts, statutes, common laws, and practices that, when taken together, describe a body of fundamental principles or established precedents as to how their countries are governed.

    Contraceptive prevalence rate This field gives the percent of women of reproductive age who are married or in union and are using, or whose sexual partner is using, a method of contraception according to the date of the most recent available data. It is also useful in understanding, past, present, and future fertility trends, especially in developing countries. The BIPM averages data collected from more than atomic time and frequency standards located at about 50 laboratories worldwide.

    UTC is the basis for all civil time with the Earth divided into time zones expressed as positive or negative differences from UTC. UTC is also referred to as "Zulu time. Country data codes See Data codes. Country map Most versions of the Factbook provide a country map in color. The maps were produced from the best information available at the time of preparation. Country name This entry includes all forms of the country's name approved by the US Board on Geographic Names Italy is used as an example: Also see the Terminology note.

    Crude oil - exports.
    Go Collection Aaron Copland Collection The first release of the online collection contains approximately 1, items that yield a total of about 5, images. These items date from towith most from the s through Copland, Aaron - Kraft, Victor Date: Also included are a selection of sites from statistical reporting agencies, banking institutions, universities, National Digital Library Program Date: In addition, we offer a smaller selection of historic sound recordings The online version contains 4, items equaling about 51, imagesconsists of correspondence, scientific notebooks, journals, blueprints, articles, and photographs documenting Bell's invention of the telephone This online release presents over 1, items with a over 4, images and a date range of It includes the complete collection of Stern's These items have been collected Motion Pictures from Work, school, and leisure activities in the United States from to are featured in this presentation of motion pictures.

    Highlights include films of the United States Postal Service from Nineteenth-Century Song Sheets Contains song sheets. Included among these American songs are ninety-seven British song sheets from Dublin and London. The collection spans the period from the turn of the nineteenth century to the Dance Instruction Manuals, ca. The list begins with a rare late fifteenth-century source, Les basses danses de Marguerite d'Autriche c.

    Nigerian Port Authority (NPA) Nigeria Compliance

    Music Division - Library of Congress. The music selected reflects the diversity of choral music in the collections The full collection in the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress represents well over 16, items stemming The recordings include speech samples, linguistic interviews, oral histories, conversations, and excerpts from public speeches.

    Abbott, Fortis - Aspinall, Wayne N. Henry Louis - Mele, Joseph C. Recordings from World War I The Nation's Forum recordings were made between and in an effort to preserve the voices of prominent Americans; in most cases, they are the only surviving recordings of a speaker James Middleton - Cummings, Homer S.

    Warren Gamaliel - Hays, Will H.

    Meet The Phenomenal Nigerian Ports Authority Boss.

    Will Harrison - Hitchcock, Gilbert M. Gilbert Monell - Lane, Franklin K. William Gibbs - Owen, Robert L. Robert Latham - Palmer, A. Franklin Delano - Vanderlip, Frank A. Work Projects Administration - United States. View 2, Items Collection American Notes: Travels in America, Comprises published narratives by Americans and foreign visitors recounting their travels in the colonies and the United States and their observations and opinions about American peoples, places, and society from about
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    Most cruise lines use visa agent CIBT to obtain the correct paperwork for customers but if you have the time and patience you can save money by applying to the embassy yourself. A few weeks before travel it is wise to check that there have been no sudden changes to visa requirements for your ports of call, although your travel agent or cruise line should warn of these. Always allow plenty of time to obtain your via visas as small omissions in paperwork can lead to the application being delayed or rejected.

    Many embassies now ask for application and payment to be made online which involves uploading passport scans and photographs. The process can be a frustrating one so have a tech savvy friend on hand. The countries making it easier for Britons to visit in When applying for electronic travel permits e-visas beware of online agencies - often listed at the top of browser search results - that pose as official sites but charge exorbitant fees.

    Here is a list of popular destinations that do not operate a visa-on-arrival scheme for cruise passengers, or whose entry requirements may trip you up. Note that this information applies only to British Citizens. Other categories of British passport holders, such as British Subjects, may require a full visa. Australia An eVisitor subclass visa is quite sufficient for ports of calls and joining or leaving the ship. You need to set up an account but the visa is free.

    You must be a British Citizen. Information given by some cruise lines suggests that passengers over the age of 75 might have to undergo a medical before being issued with any form of Australian tourist visa. This is not correct. It is only mandatory if applying for a Visitor subclass visa.

    You can also visit Sanya on Hainan Island without a visa, provided you are joining an organised excursion. As a general rule, foreigners visiting China whether by air or sea need a visa.

    This includes passengers on ocean-going ships calling at Tianjin the port for Beijing or Shanghai, as well as those taking a Yangtze River cruise. All tourist visas issued to Britons are valid for two years and multiple entries.

    Photo News

    Tianjin by night Credit: Cruise passengers transiting in mainland China for less than 24 hours do not need a visa provided they have confirmed travel to a third country or region.

    Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin have a hour visa exemption for transit passengers arriving or departing by sea or air and exiting to a third country. Foreign tourists arriving in Shanghai on a cruise ship can stay in China for up to 15 days without a visa provided they leave the country on the same cruise ship. Passengers must be travelling on tour groups minimum two people arranged by travel agencies that are registered in China and the companies must submit details of their groups to inspection authorities at least 24 hours before the ships arrive in Shanghai to be eligible.

    Cruise passengers making use of the day visa exemption can stay in Shanghai or travel to Beijing, the port city of Tianjin and other coastal provinces, including Liaoning, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan and Guangxi.

    Visa rules are often interpreted in different ways by cruise lines and local officials, so if in doubt it might be easier to play it safe and get the full visa even if it costs more. The surreal life on board the world's largest cruise ship Cuba Check whether your cruise line or tour operator obtains the Cuba Tourist Card Tarjeta de Turismo as part of your cruise package. Passengers flying to India to join an ocean-going cruise can travel on an e-Visa provided their ship will not call at another port in India once they set sail.

    An e-Visa is also valid for those disembarking a cruise in Cochin, Goa and Mangalore as long as their ship has not visited another port in India. Otherwise all passengers on ocean-going ships that are visiting India must have a full Tourist visa even if they do not intend to go ashore. It can take several attempts to make successful payment online. The portal works best with the Windows operating system or a browser other than Safari. If you use the postal application service, you do not need to book an appointment at a visa centre for fingerprinting - something that has confused quite a few readers.

    Note that visa requirements for India often change so it is vital to check the latest information when booking a cruise. What companies neglect to mention is that passengers can also go ashore without a visa if they pre-book tours with authorised local travel agencies such as Insider Tour insider-tour. These are not necessarily cheaper but have the benefit of small groups that can move faster and see more.

    Applicants must attend VFS offices in London, Manchester or Edinburgh to be fingerprinted or pay extra to use a new mobile biometric service. South Africa No visa is needed for South Africa for stays of up to 90 days but passports must have at least two empty pages to enter or leave the country. Where only one parent is accompanying the child, parental or legal consent is required affidavit not older than four months or death certificate.

    This applies to those arriving by air or sea. Apply online using the official site: Other classes of UK passport holder must apply for a full tourist visa. Apply as soon as you know you will be travelling as processing times vary depending on individual circumstances. This will be reviewed again on June 30, Details of how to apply can be found on the Embassy of Vietnam website: Allow a day for visa processing.

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