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  • Kazakhstan: Meet the girl who's 'too hot to play volleyball'
  • Culture Name
  • Kazakhstan: Meet the girl who's 'too hot to play volleyball'
  • Kazakhstan: Meet the girl who's 'too hot to play volleyball'
  • Kazakhstan: Meet the girl who's 'too hot to play volleyball'
  • Kazakhstan: Meet the girl who's 'too hot to play volleyball'
  • Astana, Kazakhstan
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    Kazakhstan: Meet the girl who's 'too hot to play volleyball'

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    Culture Name

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    Kazakhstan: Meet the girl who's 'too hot to play volleyball'

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    Kazakhstan: Meet the girl who's 'too hot to play volleyball'

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    Kazakhstan: Meet the girl who's 'too hot to play volleyball'

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    Kazakhstan: Meet the girl who's 'too hot to play volleyball'

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    Astana, Kazakhstan

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    The White Tomb

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    Rising out of the barren steppe in the north of the country, this surreal capital represents the investment of billions upon billions of petrodollars; and features some of the most radical, revolutionary design the world has ever seen. Not everybody is queueing up to welcome this city of the future, however. Astana, Kazakhstan Earlier this year I spent the best part of a month in and around Astana.

    However, there is certainly something strange about Astana. While the central and business districts have been laboriously designed by some of the most prestigious architects in the world, this year-old capital is still seriously lacking in residential zones. Even now, many government officials commute by plane from the old capital of Almaty.

    The result is the most elaborately futuristic ghost town you could imagine — and feels like walking onto the abandoned set for a s sci-fi film. In a band of Siberian Cossacks travelling across the Central Asian steppe stopped on the banks of the Ishim River, where they built what would later become an important fortress defending central south Russia.

    The town grew into the 20th century, and Akmolinsk served as a pivotal rail depot around the time of the Russian Civil War. Under the Soviet Union Kazakhstan became a powerhouse of industry; factories, chemical plants, mining rigs and missile silos were built far and wide across the country, in addition to a number of notorious gulags.

    Kazakhstan staked its independence after the fall of the Soviet Union in ; a year later, they struck oil in the southern Caspian region. Sun worship predates any other belief or teaching in the history of human culture, and the sun and eagle emblems serve as important, historical symbols of the Kazakh race.

    While the eastern station of a masonic temple is occupied by the Grand Master whose wisdom is often associated with Divine Lightthe western position is the realm of the Senior Warden. His duties are to preside over the Lodge at times of labour, and this position could be said to represent the soul; reflecting Divine Light in the same way that the moon reflects that of the sun [3].

    Theorists such as xlivescom tend to pick up on this one structure more than any other, when presenting Astana as the ultimate Illuminati capital. As a design concept, it seemed no stranger to me than the Louvre in Paris or the Las Vegas Luxor Hotel … but then again, countless websites already argue the case for an Illuminati agenda behind those buildings too. It seems unacceptable to believe that an architect ever chose a pyramid design simply to create a dramatic effect.

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    Perhaps this genuinely does symbolise the path to godliness along which the Kazakh elite are treading… or maybe theatres simply work better when the house lights are turned off. This old-school Soviet joined the Kazakh Communist Party inworking his way up to the position of First Secretary by None of these allegations have been proven however, and Nazarbayev continues to gain international regard for his work in dismantling former Soviet nuclear weapons, as well as pushing to see more women in government and politics.

    A New World Order One very good question which ought to be asked at this point, is why would a secret ruling elite put so much time and money into designing a capital city which reveals their purposes in such a spectacularly un-secretive way? As is often the case however, the conspiracy theorists have an answer for this as well. Externalisation of the Hierarchy was the title of a book by British writer and theosophist Alice A. I never made it to the top of the Bayterek, and nor did I step inside the Palace of Peace and Accord.

    However, I did spend a lot of time getting to know the people of Astana, and seeing their city as they see it. I visited a range of museums, restaurants and bars, and explored the extensive green park beside the Ishim River.

    This vast, translucent tent-like structure covers an area greater than 10 football stadiums, with floor upon floor of shops, entertainment venues and sports facilities.

    There is a lot to like about Kazakhstan, and I really warmed to the Kazakh people.

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    In my considered opinion, the seemingly blatant and oft-reported Illuminati symbolism of Astana is no more than the superficial veneer of an adventurous modern capital: Astana is what happens when an eccentric and powerful ruler hires a team of world famous architects to build the ultimate capital city on an unlimited budget.

    Sir Norman Foster, Kisho Kurokawa and other architects involved in this multibillion dollar project have trawled through the history books for their inspiration, incorporating elements of Greek, Egyptian and Arabic design [5]. You can check out this video and decide for yourself. The Bohemian Blog is bigger than it looks. Check out my page on Patreon to find out more about the perks of getting involved.

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