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    Dating in Canada Discover real love with us!

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    What can I do to resolve this?

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    How does a global flood explain angular unconformities? These are where one set of layers of sediments have been extensively modified e. They thus seem to require at least two periods of deposition more, where there is more than one unconformity with long periods of time in between to account for the deformation, erosion, and weathering observed.

    How were mountains and valleys formed? Many very tall mountains are composed of sedimentary rocks. The summit of Everest is composed of deep-marine limestone, with fossils of ocean-bottom dwelling crinoids [ Gansser, ]. If these were formed during the Flood, how did they reach their present height, and when were the valleys between them eroded away? Keep in mind that many valleys were clearly carved by glacial erosion, which is a slow process. When did granite batholiths form?

    Some of these are intruded into older sediments and have younger sediments on their eroded top surfaces. It takes a long time for magma to cool into granite, nor does granite erode very quickly. One formation in New Jersey is six kilometers thick. If we grant days for this to settle, and ignore possible compaction since the Flood, we still have 15 meters of sediment settling per day.

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    And yet despite this, the chemical properties of the rock are neatly layered, with great changes e. How does such a neat sorting process occur in the violent context of a universal flood dropping 15 meters of sediment per day? How can you explain a thin layer of high carbonate sediment being deposited over an area of ten thousand square kilometers for some thirty minutes, followed by thirty minutes of low carbonate deposition, etc.?

    Dating in Canada with Canadian Dating Site

    The Green River formation in Wyoming contains 20, annual layers, or varves, identical to those being laid down today in certain lakes. The sediments are so fine that each layer would have required over a month to settle.

    How could a flood deposit layered fossil forests?

    Dating in Canada Discover real love with us!

    Stratigraphic sections showing a dozen or more mature forests layered atop each other--all with upright trunks, in-place roots, and well-developed soil--appear in many locations. One example, the Joggins section along the Bay of Fundy, shows a continuous section meters thick along a km sea cliff with multiple in-place forests, some separated by hundreds of feet of strata, some even showing evidence of forest fires. Helens as an example of how a flood can deposit vertical trunks, but deposition by flood fails to explain the roots, the soil, the layering, and other features found in such places.

    Where did all the heat go? If the geologic record was deposited in a year, then the events it records must also have occurred within a year. Some of these events release significant amounts of heat.

    The geologic record includes roughly 8 x grams of lava flows and igneous intrusions. Assuming conservatively a specific heat of 0. In addition, the heat of crystallization as the magma solidifies would release a great deal more heat. Erosion and crustal movements have erased an unknown number of impact craters on earth, but Creationists Whitcomb and DeYoung suggest that cratering to the extent seen on the Moon and Mercury occurred on earth during the year of Noah's Flood.

    The heat from just one of the largest lunar impacts released an estimated 3 x joules; the same sized object falling to earth would release even more energy. Other possibly significant heat sources are radioactive decay some Creationists claim that radioactive decay rates were much higher during the Flood to account for consistently old radiometric dates ; biological decay think of the heat released in compost piles ; and compression of sediments. Since steam and air have a lower heat capacity than water, the steam released will quickly raise the temperature of the atmosphere over C.

    At these temperatures, much of the atmosphere would boil off the Earth. Aside from losing its atmosphere, Earth can only get rid of heat by radiating it to space, and it can't radiate significantly more heat than it gets from the sun unless it is a great deal hotter than it is now. It is very nearly at thermal equilibrium now. If there weren't many millions of years to radiate the heat from the above processes, the earth would still be unlivably hot.

    As shown in section 5, all the mechanisms proposed for causing the Flood already provide more than enough energy to vaporize it as well.

    These additional factors only make the heat problem worse. How were limestone deposits formed? Much limestone is made of the skeletons of zillions of microscopic sea animals.

    Some deposits are thousands of meters thick. Were all those animals alive when the Flood started? If not, how do you explain the well-ordered sequence of fossils in the deposits?

    How could a flood have deposited chalk? Chalk is largely made up of the bodies of plankton to angstroms in diameter [ Bignot, ]. Objects this small settle at a rate of. How could the Flood deposit layers of solid salt? Such layers are sometimes meters in width, interbedded with sediments containing marine fossils. This apparently occurs when a body of salt water has its fresh-water intake cut off, and then evaporates. These layers can occur more or less at random times in the geological history, and have characteristic fossils on either side.

    Therefore, if the fossils were themselves laid down during a catastrophic flood, there are, it seems, only two choices: I suspect that both will prove insuperable difficulties for a theory of flood deposition of the geologic column and its fossils.

    Plastically deformed stone is also common around salt diapirs [ Jackson et al, ].

    Dating in Canada Discover real love with us!

    How were hematite layers laid down? Standard theory is that they were laid down before Earth's atmosphere contained much oxygen. In an oxygen-rich regime, they would almost certainly be impossible. How do you explain fossil mineralization? Mineralization is the replacement of the original material with a different mineral.

    Buried skeletal remains of modern fauna are negligibly mineralized, including some that biblical archaeology says are quite old - a substantial fraction of the age of the earth in this diluvian geology. For example, remains of Egyptian commoners buried near the time of Moses aren't extensively mineralized. Buried skeletal remains of extinct mammalian fauna show quite variable mineralization.

    Dinosaur remains are often extensively mineralized. Trilobite remains are usually mineralized - and in different sites, fossils of the same species are composed of different materials. How are these observations explained by a sorted deposition of remains in a single episode of global flooding?

    How does a flood explain the accuracy of "coral clocks"? The moon is slowly sapping the earth's rotational energy. The earth should have rotated more quickly in the distant past, meaning that a day would have been less than 24 hours, and there would have been more days per year.

    Dating in Canada with Canadian Dating Site

    Corals can be dated by the number of "daily" growth layers per "annual" growth layer. Devonian corals, for example, show nearly days per year. There is an exceedingly strong correlation between the "supposed age" of a wide range of fossils corals, stromatolites, and a few others -- collected from geologic formations throughout the column and from locations all over the world and the number of days per year that their growth pattern shows.

    The agreement between these clocks, and radiometric dating, and the theory of superposition is a little hard to explain away as the result of a number of unlucky coincidences in a day-long flood.

    Ironically, they often cite the sheer number of fossils in 'fossil graveyards' as evidence for the Flood. In particular, creationists seem enamored by the Karroo Formation in Africa, which is estimated to contain the remains of billion vertebrate animals see Whitcomb and Morris, p. As pseudoscientists, creationists dare not test this major hypothesis that all of the fossilized animals died in the Flood.

    Sloan, a paleontologist at the University of Minnesota, has studied the Karroo Formation. He asserts that the animals fossilized there range from the size of a small lizard to the size of a cow, with the average animal perhaps the size of a fox.

    A minute's work with a calculator shows that, if the billion animals in the Karoo formation could be resurrected, there would be twenty-one of them for every acre of land on earth.

    Suppose we assume conservatively, I think that the Karroo Formation contains 1 percent of the vertebrate [land] fossils on earth. Then when the Flood began, there must have been at least living animals per acre, ranging from tiny shrews to immense dinosaurs.

    To a noncreationist mind, that seems a bit crowded. Even assuming that the entire population was preserved, you seem to be saying that Russia had wall-to-wall mammoths before this "event.

    Montana alone would have had to support a diversity of herbivores orders of magnitude larger than anything now observed. Where did all the organic material in the fossil record come from?

    A typical forest, even if it covered the entire earth, would supply only 1. A flood would have washed over everything equally, so terrestrial organisms should be roughly as abundant as aquatic ones or more abundant, since Creationists hypothesize greater land area before the Flood in the fossil record.

    Yet shallow marine environments account for by far the most fossils. Soil-zone microfabrics in calcrete and in desiccation cracks from the Upper Jurassic Purbeck Formation of Dorset. Geological Journal 23 3: Aeolian stratification in desert sediments, Arran basin PermianScotland. Crimes, Peter, and Mary L Droser, Trace fossils and bioturbation: Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics Geological Highway Map of Nova Scotia, 2nd edition.

    AGS Special Publication no. Geoscience Canada, Reprint Series 1: The fossil cliffs of Joggins. Dinosaur Tracks and Traces, Cambridge Univ. National Geographic, 1 Jan. Palaeogeography, Paleoclimatology, Paleoecology
    No White Men cannot jump kings. A sequence must capture the maximum possible number of pieces. If more than one sequence qualifies, the capture must be done with a king instead of a man. If more than one sequence qualifies, the one that captures a greater number of kings must be chosen.

    If there are still more sequences, the one that captures a king first must be chosen. It is mainly played in Italy and some North African countries. Sport[ edit ] The World Championship in English draughts began in The women's championship in English draughts started in The women's winners have been from Ireland, Turkmenistanand the Ukraine. It occurs every two years.

    In even years following the tournament, the World Title match takes place. The first Women's World Championship was held in The World Junior Championship has been played since European Championships have been held since men's and women's. Other official World Championships began as follows: Brazilian draughtsin ; Russian draughtsin ; Turkish draughtsin Invented variants[ edit ] Blue and Gray: A variant invented by Solomon Golomb. Each player begins with a bishop and a camel which jumps with coordinates 3,1 rather than 2,1 so as to stay on the black squaresand men reaching the back rank promote to a bishop, camel, or king.

    A variant utilizing math principles and numbered chips popular in the Philippines. A special "sliding" move is used for moving a line of checkers similar to the movement rule in Epaminondas. By Christian Freeling A literal adaptation of international draughts to a hexagonal gameboard.

    Jumped pieces are placed under the jumper, so that towers are built. Only the top piece of a jumped tower is captured. Les Vauriens or Mule Checkers: A variant in which some pieces affect the outcome as in Suicide checkers, while the rest are treated normally. An American checkers variant using both checkers and dice. Suicide checkers also called Anti-checkers, Giveaway checkers, or Losing draughts: The winner is the first player to have no legal move: A complex variant which allows players to upgrade their pieces beyond kings.

    The board has 2 additional columns, labelled i and k. Each player has 24 pieces two full sets — one on the light squares, a second set on dark squares. Each player plays two games simultaneously: The total result is the sum of results for both games. Games sometimes confused with draughts variants[ edit ] Chinese checkers: Based on Halma, but uses a star-shaped board divided into equilateral triangles. A game in which pieces move in any direction and jump over any other piece but no capturesfriend or enemy, and players try to move them all into an opposite corner.

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