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  • Oasis Dating site, bulenttezcan.com, an OasisDating site Video
  • Oasis Dating site, bulenttezcan.com, an OasisDating site Video
  • Oasis Dating site, bulenttezcan.com, an OasisDating site Video
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  • Oasis Dating site, bulenttezcan.com, an OasisDating site Video
  • Oasis Dating site, bulenttezcan.com, an OasisDating site Video

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    Lifestyle Style, beauty, home, and family news, plus horoscopes

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    Lifestyle Style, beauty, home, and family news, plus horoscopes

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    Lifestyle Style, beauty, home, and family news, plus horoscopes

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    Oasis Dating site, bulenttezcan.com, an OasisDating site Video

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    Oasis Dating site, bulenttezcan.com, an OasisDating site Video

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    Lifestyle Style, beauty, home, and family news, plus horoscopes

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    Oasis Dating site, bulenttezcan.com, an OasisDating site Video

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    This self-assured city is rightly proud of its industrial and cultural heritage. Served by Manchester Airport and conveniently located near the M6 and M62 motorways, the city also excels at the beautiful game with two heavyweight football teams slugging it out for silverware.

    Shopping and dining highlights Manchester is a crowd-puller for weekend shopping breaks. Further shopping hotspots in the city centre, where there are many hotels, include the area around Exchange Square and Corporation Street. It was modernized following a bomb blast and is known for upscale department stores and fashion retailers. Those who prefer exploring independent shops can head for the Northern Quarter.

    Feeling peckish after all that shopping?

    Oasis Dating site, bulenttezcan.com, an OasisDating site Video

    Central Manchester brims with restaurants serving international cuisine, including Japanese, Italian, Greek, Indian and Chinese. To refuel on local delicacies, try a gastro-pub where you might find regional favourites like Lancashire hotpot stew, traditional meat pies and black pudding, a stodgy sausage made of pork blood and fat plus oatmeal.

    Oasis Dating site, bulenttezcan.com, an OasisDating site Video

    The passion for sport in Manchester goes beyond football. As a legacy of hosting the Commonwealth Games, the city features top swimming, cycling and squash facilities. These are easily reached wherever your hotel is because extensive public transport options exist like trams, buses and trains, many of which connect to the airport.

    Not only does the stadium host Lancashire County Cricket Club matches, but also it frequently stages England internationals. Historic and architectural wonders An intriguing blend of industrial heritage and commercial success has left Manchester studded with eye-catching architecture and historic sites. Moreover, the towering neo-Gothic Manchester Town Hall impressively illustrates how some of that Victorian wealth was invested. Near Manchester Victoria railway station is the National Football Museum, which charts the growth of British football from its Victorian origins to the megabucks phenomenon of today.

    Highlights include Turner watercolours, Pre-Raphaelite paintings and 20th-century artworks. The former contains a wonderful Victorian interior of ornate columns and staircases.

    It displays the distinctive paintings of local artist L. Elsewhere, filmgoers can see the latest movies at the Printworks entertainment hub containing restaurants and cinemas.

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