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  • FARMLANDS (2018) Official Documentary
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  • FARMLANDS (2018) Official Documentary

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    FARMLANDS (2018) Official Documentary

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    FARMLANDS (2018) Official Documentary

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    The Fairfax family lost control of the company in December Due to the costs of defending the takeover, Fairfax sold its television properties, including the Seven Network.

    Other Kentucky Cities:

    In Octoberspeculation began to grow that the company would be bought out and split up after the passage of changes to Australian media laws.

    Rival media company News Corp Australia purchased a 7. Fairfax of Rural Press, saw the return of the Fairfax family to the company board. The company also gained a number of other regional newspapers, radio stations and websites; plus agricultural publications in various countries. The website initially employed 14 journalists and was an attempt by Fairfax to break into the South East Queensland market. It featured breaking news updated "every 15 minutes". The staff reductions would take place in both Australia and New Zealand, with the latter country bearing the brunt of the cuts, with full-time employees losing their jobs.

    A new campaign, "Fair Go, Fairfax: Don't discount journalism", [17] was launched by the MEAA [ citation needed ] in protest to the cuts arguing that the jobs losses will affect "quality journalism".

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    Graham Mott will continue in his role as general manager of the broadcast radio group under Fairfax. Mott indicated at the time of the acquisition that national syndication of programming such as that of the since-retired John Laws would largely be replaced on the network with more localised syndication at a state level.

    MyTalk Datacasting Channel was officially purchased from Southern Cross Broadcasting on 5 November[20] and ceased broadcasting on 25 February Fairfax and his family investment company, Marinya Media, sold their remaining 9. The sale came after an earlier dispute between John B.

    Continued poor performance of Fairfax Media in light of changing news services was cited as one of the reasons for the sale of Marinya Media's interests in Fairfax.

    Fairfax had earlier stood down from the Fairfax board, and his son, Nick Fairfax, was reported to be discussing his future with the rest of the company board. Rinehart also sought a position on the Fairfax board. Rinehart was denied a place on the board because she would not agree to Fairfax's charter of independence, and sold her stake in It also announced it was shifting to "compact" or tabloid-sized editions of the broadsheet newspapers from Marchand that its two printing facilities at Chullora and Tullamarine would close.

    A party may hold only two radio licences in each market, so some stations including 2CH and the Macquarie Regional Radio network were sold.

    Fairfax will license the Drive brand and "Drive. All printed and digital editions continued during the action but The Age web site was down on 25 and 26 March adding to a 2-week outage earlier in March.

    Fairfax opened books to both parties, opening the door for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age to pass into foreign ownership. Printing facilities in Australia and New Zealand.
    This was later increased to nine editions. The Brierleys shareholding had been regarded as unfriendly by the Horton family — mainly for the good reason that it was the kiss of death when it owned the daily Auckland Star and Christchurch Star.

    By Augusthowever, former managing director Michael Horton had resigned from the Board to start his own printing business.

    Farmer Dating Meet Single Farmers Free

    These business papers are in constant bitter, often vitriolic, rivalry. The group had numerous other titles including Property Press and Motor Guide classified papers which it claimed had circulations in excess of 40 million a year but closed some and sold most of the others including 15 titles including Motoring Guide and Property Press see below to Australian Consolidated Press in November Colman paid for an Australian expert to give Brash news media training, saying his own views were well known: The Independentbefore being bought out by Fairfax see above tolerated a broader range of views in its columns despite having Business Roundtable Executive Director Roger Kerr on its board, and financial backing from millionaire businessman and ACT donor, Tony Timpson.

    It was founded, owned and edited by a former National Business Review editor and award-winning investigative journalist, Warren Berryman, until his death in March It continued under his widow, also a prominent investigative journalist, Jenni McManus, until the Fairfax takeover and remodelling.

    Its Websites are mainly for those publications, including runwayreporter.

    Build a bibliography or works cited page the easy way

    On the other side of the ledger, it announced the closure of its magazine She in June In February it bought nzjobs. The objective was to free up cash to expand his gambling interests and to place him in a position to exploit new media ownership rules in Australia. Coddington quoted crime statistics without pointing out that their increase was less than the increase in the Asian population and was in fact dropping per capita.

    Clearly their editorial process had failed, but they appeared to be unrepentant: These were formerly published by PMP. When it sold its publications to Seven, it still kept ownership of Gordon and Gotch, the largest magazine distributor in New Zealand, which it bought from INL in it had bought the Australian arm in The company also promotes and manages events and publishes books. Magazines are exceptionally popular in New Zealand — we are second or third in the world in magazine readership by one estimate.

    According to an analysis undertaken for the takeover of ANM noted above: CanWest has sold MediaWorks which also owns numerous radio stations — see below to an Australian private equity investment company, Ironbridge Capital. Prime Television, having changed hands twice, is now in News Corporation ownership and an increasingly serious competitor. It later took full ownership. Shortly before the October election, in a politically charged presentation, TV3 announced that it would start up another national commercial, entertainment-based, channel, then called TV4.

    Farmer Dating Meet Single Farmers Free

    It began broadcasting at the end of June CanWest was at that time keen to buy other media in New Zealand, and was a bidder for the Radio New Zealand network when it was privatised.

    In it bought the More FM radio network followed by extensive acquisitions in commercial radio see below. While broadcasting mainly music with continuity using DJs from its Channel Z radio stations, C4 also screens a few programmes attractive to its youth market such as South Park and fills up the rest of the 24 hours it broadcasts 2pm to midnight Monday to Friday, but 24 hours on weekends with infomercials and other commercials.

    It made no commitment to local content. SinceTV3 has since made substantial audience share and profit gains at the expense of TVNZ on the back of more attractive peak hour evening news and current affairs programmes such as Campbell Live, introduced in March By mid it had the lead in the key 6pm news audience in the main urban centres, partly due to fumbling in TVNZ, and leading to a series of major shake-ups of TVNZ news staff.

    Prime also ran the Argentinean television network, Azul Television, but pulled out in August as a result of heavy losses. Between and its New Zealand operations doubled their revenues.

    New Zealand Herald journalist Greg Dixon concluded: It is heavy with cheap feeds of international news — great for those tired of the light weight international coverage on other channels, but not a substitute for its own reporting capability.

    He failed to attract a large audience: Other documentaries are from outside New Zealand. Its coverage is sufficient to qualify for New Zealand On Air funding to pay for locally sourced programmes. But Prime New Zealand chief executive Chris Taylor admits that they would not produce local content without it: The primary motive was clearly to give Murdoch-controlled Sky a free-to-air outlet to increase its bargaining power for selling sports programmes to other free-to-air channels.

    Perhaps it was also a useful base for expanding its free-to-air holdings; it would certainly make Prime a more formidable bidder for the programmes that TVNZ and MediaWorks both of which asked the Commerce Commission to stop the takeover need to maintain their ratings. Sky was reported to have considered starting its own free-to-air channel a year earlier. Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology Broadcasting School head, Paul Norris, also pointed out that the move would make it much easier for Sky to undermine any moves from TVNZ into digital services, with a permanent Sky monopoly of such services a possible outcome.

    In many countries, operating both free-to-air and pay TV would be prohibited. He advocated Government intervention. TVNZ made a similar argument to the Commerce Commission, saying plans by a consortium of free-to-air broadcasters, which until the takeover included Prime, to provide a free-to-air digital service in competition with Sky would be undermined: The analogue network is planned to be switched off in six to ten years.

    TVNZ 7 will carry news every hour, documentaries, sport and current affairs. However the channel quickly won public support, many welcoming its high New Zealand content and initial low levels of advertising — public interest broadcasting not seen on New Zealand television for several decades. A number of small regional TV stations also exist For example, Canterbury TV operating in Christchurch is the descendant of a bewildering variety of channel names and owners.

    It was sold in to the New Zealand Media Group with similar ownership. NOW workers were first told they would be kept on for two weeks while their contracts were renegotiated, then were turned away when they turned up for work. Only after mediation did 30 out of 40 former staff receive their pay entitlements.

    West Media also owns talk radio AM. Hopes were high, Smith saying: Two years ago, Christchurch had three local news programmes. What are you there for? He was more hopeful after the new consortium bought CTV: He also told the story behind the hot-and-cold behaviour of West Media. Balani invited him in for financial support in CTV now broadcasts as Canterbury TV, relying heavily on cheap imported content such as Deutsche Welle World News but with significant local, if commercially driven, content, mainly in the form of talk shows.

    FARMLANDS (2018) Official Documentary

    But within a few days the deal fell through. It ended up back in Allied Press ownership. A casualty of the intensely commercial environment was Auckland music station, Max TV, which closed in for financial reasons, having failed to persuade the Government to support a youth network.

    It also has a second Sky TV channel, J2. He also intends to move it into radio during We aim to reflect the diversity within our city. Anyone can put a programme on Triangle Television, so if you think your interests or perspective on life are absent from the media we have one response: This independence ensures that Triangle Television cannot be controlled by individuals or groups with their own agendas.

    Air time is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis bearing in mind the need for equitable representation of all groups. Political rivals worry his access to his own broadcasting network gives him an unfair advantage in the elections. Why did the Police find NCC did not operate the election legally? Did the ratepayers elect a Mayor who has been a bankrupt and other? He apparently sold out of it again in after it was forced to stop transmissions on a reserved non-commercial channel when locals and regulators in the Ministry for Culture and Heritage questioned whether its content was what was wanted in a regional broadcaster.

    The regional role was eventually given to Triangle Television. They eventually sold their Wellington TV transmitter broadcasting on another frequency to Watson who agreed to continue to broadcast TBN programmes. Bell Atlantic and Ameritech were the owners of Telecom New Zealand when it was privatised but have since sold out at a large profit. It is no coincidence then that Telecom subsidiary, First Media, began working on introducing a trial of cable television in the Auckland and Wellington areas, in cooperation with Sky TV but opposed by then telephone rival, Clear.

    First Media abruptly stopped work on installing optic fibre cables for the project insaying it had other ways of getting into the market ADSL. TVNZ ended up with The low price was doubly surprising given that the then National government had repeatedly tried to sell TVNZ, alleging it would cost too much to upgrade to digital television.

    The cringe did not pay dividends: Other shareholders rejected the price as being too low leaving INL with In JulySky and INL side-stepped the problem of paying a fair price to minority shareholders by merging.

    Automatic Bibliography Maker

    The merged company, Sky Network Television Limited, is owned It bought them as a commercial block to prevent other parties getting them according to former CTV director of resource, Grant Roberts. For several years it subsidised its installations in order to build its audience: It is also likely that it overstated its losses through an unnecessarily high provision for depreciation. In any case, it buys many of its programmes from controlling owner, News Corporation, including controversial rugby broadcasting rights.

    The new agreement allowed Telecom to provide its own channels, but Sky had first right to supply them. It achieved its aim in a ten-year deal announced in Novemberafter an open access deal between TVNZ and TelstraSaturn fell through. The publicly owned channels were still free to air, but forced viewers to buy a limited, proprietary Sky set-top-box to decode signals — seen as an attempt by Sky to grab monopoly control of digital services, the future technical direction of television.

    It will be in thrall to Sky. If Sky does not want to carry these services, it will simply say no. However, free-to-air digital TV plans were only announced in Juneas outlined above. Other pay TV operators have tried to get into the market, but without success.

    US and Australian owned Saturn Communications which started life in New Zealand as Kiwi Cable laid cable and offered cable TV channels including its own regional station on the Kapiti Coast, the Hutt Valley, and in Christchurch as well as telephone, on-demand movies, Internet and data services.

    FARMLANDS (2018) Official Documentary

    After running into financial difficulties, it was taken over by Telstra the Australian equivalent of Telecomthen merged with Clear Communications becoming TelstraClear, and announced plans to expand its cabling to Christchurch and Auckland. Rather than develop its own pay TV offerings, it capitulated to Sky, though adding some channels with its own brand.

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